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Week Beginning 06.07.20

Water and Water Safety


This week our focus is the five vowels,

Aa  Ee   Ii    Oo    Uu     

A useful little aide memoire for this, is

All Elephants In Orange Underpants!  Drawing five elephants, each in orange underpants, holding cards with the five vowels on, does help children to remember them.  The children do need to know them by their letter name and their phoneme, (the sound that they make).

Below is a link to a song about the 5 vowels.

Sets of flashcards for the vowels in both upper and lower case, is a useful resource.


Once your child is confident with the 5 vowels, can they practice their research skills to find 5 underwater sea creatures, each one beginning with a different vowel?

 All researchers sharing their research, will receive a Certificate.

A further task is to draw a table with 5 columns.  The first column is headed with Aa, the second with Ee and so on.

Then using all of the digraphs and trigraphs in Phases 2 and 3, as can be found in the random word generator on, in last week's Phonics Folder, can you together, put each digraph or trigraph in the correct column?  For example in the Aa column ai needs to added.  A handy little aide memoire for pronunciation is, when 2 vowels are walking, the first one says its name and does the talking!  Try it for yourself.

There is a link to a song for this, attached.