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Enhanced Resource Provision - The Orchard

Welcome to The Orchard

The Orchard is the Enhanced Resource Provision based at Hornsea Community Primary School and we support children with a range of SEMH needs. We tailor our curriculum to meet individual needs, supporting both academic learning and social and emotional development. We work closely with children and families to develop positive relationships in a warm and nurturing environment whilst simultaneously providing stimulating educational opportunities that are closely matched to each child's stage, rather than their age.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates all aspects of the National Curriculum, however we focus on targeting the content which is most appropriate for the child's developmental stage rather than their age. We also plan our activities to ensure that children with Education, Health and Care Plans and Termly Support Plans are given regular opportunities to work on and progress towards their individual outcomes within their daily routine.


Whilst we assess the children's academic progress against the relevant criteria in the National Curriculum, we also use the Boxall Profile as a tool to assess and measure progress in social and emotional functioning. In addition, the activities we complete each day incorporate vital social skills and self-regulation strategies to aid children in their personal development.


We believe that hands-on and practical activities play a fundamental role in providing memorable and enjoyable childhood experiences so include relevant Gophers, as in the main school, as a central part of our planning.


Our learning environment aims to be a home from home setting which is warm and inviting, making all feel welcome. The different areas within the building allow us to have a more formal classroom area, an on-going provision area, a large outdoor provision area with shelter for all weathers, a kitchen for sharing meals and preparing food, a sensory room and a quiet calming space for time away from the main group.


Our timetable is highly predictable and structured to provide stability and is visually displayed for children to refer to throughout the day. Our activities are planned to allow children to access all areas of the building at some point each day and are short with regular movement breaks planned in. We offer a range of sensory opportunities to support learning and development, use the outdoors as part of our daily timetable and meet together as a group to celebrate, reflect and have an emotional check in.


The Orchard is a highly supported learning environment where the staff have a range of knowledge and experience in learning styles, special educational needs, nurture theory and attachment. We work as a cohesive team to best support the individual needs of each child and to help them achieve their potential.


All children who spend time at The Orchard are part of a class in the main school and the amount of time they spend in each setting varies according to their specific needs.

The Six Principles Of Nurture

As part of being a nurturing school, we incorporate the six principles of nurture into our daily practice, both at school and at The Orchard. They play a fundamental part in how we plan and structure our day and they underpin everything that we do. These principles are written in a child friendly way and are displayed in each classroom and also at The Orchard.

A Day At The Orchard

In order to develop emotional stability, our routine is highly structured and predictable. The children are reminded of this constantly and we refer to our visual timetable throughout the day.


In order to access a place within the Enhanced Resource Provision for your child with an Education, Health & Care Plan, the consultation as set out by the Local Authority must be adhered to. Usually, this will be discussed within an Annual or Interim review meeting and then agreed by the SEN panel. The school then work alongside parents/carers and the Local Authority to ensure a child's needs can be best met within The Orchard. The Orchard has 3 Local Authority agreed places for children with SEMH needs.

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