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Welcome to The Orchard

The Orchard is the Enhanced Resource Provision based at Hornsea Community Primary School and we support children with a range of SEMH needs. We tailor our curriculum to meet individual needs, supporting both academic learning and social and emotional development. We work closely with children and families to develop positive relationships in a warm and nurturing environment whilst simultaneously providing stimulating educational opportunities that are closely matched to each child's stage, rather than their age.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates all aspects of the National Curriculum, however we focus on targeting the content which is most appropriate for the child's developmental stage rather than their age. We also plan our activities to ensure that children with Education, Health and Care Plans and Termly Support Plans are given regular opportunities to work on and progress towards their individual outcomes within their daily routine.


Whilst we assess the children's academic progress against the relevant criteria in the National Curriculum, we also use the Boxall Profile as a tool to assess and measure progress in social and emotional functioning. In addition, the activities we complete each day incorporate vital social skills and self-regulation strategies to aid children in their personal development.


We believe that hands-on and practical activities play a fundamental role in providing memorable and enjoyable childhood experiences so include relevant Gophers, as in the main school, as a central part of our planning.


Our learning environment aims to be a home from home setting which is warm and inviting, making all feel welcome. The different areas within the building allow us to have a more formal classroom area, an on-going provision area, a large outdoor provision area with shelter for all weathers, a kitchen for sharing meals and preparing food, a sensory room and a quiet calming space for time away from the main group.


Our timetable is highly predictable and structured to provide stability and is visually displayed for children to refer to throughout the day. Our activities are planned to allow children to access all areas of the building at some point each day and are short with regular movement breaks planned in. We offer a range of sensory opportunities to support learning and development, use the outdoors as part of our daily timetable and meet together as a group to celebrate, reflect and have an emotional check in.


The Orchard is a highly supported learning environment where the staff have a range of knowledge and experience in learning styles, special educational needs, nurture theory and attachment. We work as a cohesive team to best support the individual needs of each child and to help them achieve their potential.


All children who spend time at The Orchard are part of a class in the main school and the amount of time they spend in each setting varies according to their specific needs.

The Six Principles Of Nurture

As part of being a nurturing school, we incorporate the six principles of nurture into our daily practice, both at school and at The Orchard. They play a fundamental part in how we plan and structure our day and they underpin everything that we do. These principles are written in a child friendly way and are displayed in each classroom and also at The Orchard.

A Day At The Orchard

In order to develop emotional stability, our routine is highly structured and predictable. The children are reminded of this constantly and we refer to our visual timetable throughout the day.


In order to access a place within the Enhanced Resource Provision for your child with an Education, Health & Care Plan, the consultation as set out by the Local Authority must be adhered to. Usually, this will be discussed within an Annual or Interim review meeting and then agreed by the SEN panel. The school then work alongside parents/carers and the Local Authority to ensure a child's needs can be best met within The Orchard. The Orchard has 3 Local Authority agreed places for children with SEMH needs.

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Photo Gallery 2022-23

Lucy and Tom at the Seaside

During this topic we have talked all about how we live in Hornsea which is a seaside place, where the land meets the sea. We have discussed that Hornsea is in England and have learned the names of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and can recognise the flags for each country. We have learned about human and physical features in Hornsea and worked on writing questions that visitors to Hornsea may want to know the answers to. We have enjoyed reading, learning and writing seaside poetry and recognising rhyming words. We have played in our seaside shop, made sand castles in the sand pit and enjoyed sailing boats in the water tray.

The King's Coronation

In the week leading up to the coronation of King Charles, we learned more about him and his family. We talked about the jobs he does each day and about the things he enjoys doing. We enjoyed making postcards for a display in the town, making flags, labelling Coronation related items and using repeating patterns to make Coronation bunting. We even made crown shaped biscuits and our very own crowns to wear.

Clean up

During this topic, we read a brilliant story about Rocket who goes to stay with grandparents. Whilst enjoying the beach, Rocket notices lots of rubbish and everyone works together to clean the beach and rescue some sea creatures who have become tangled in the rubbish. During this topic we learned about the importance of recycling, labelled some items of rubbish that Rocket found on the beach and had our very own recycling centre where we practised sorting litter into different categories ready to be recycled.


In the final week of term before the Easter holidays, we had a great time taking part in a variety of Easter activities. We read the story 'We're going on an egg hunt', made Easter cards with a moving part and made chocolate crispy nests. The morning group enjoyed inviting their families to join us for some Easter crafts and we went on a special visit to Wassand. We spent some time with Mrs Eldred who had found a letter from the Easter bunny, saying he had hidden some clues in the secret garden for us to find but first we had to find the key to the garden. We had a great time exploring the grounds and looking for clues in the secret garden before listening to an Easter story and learning how to draw the Easter bunny. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed our time with Mrs Eldred, as well as going on a minibus and eating our packed lunches!

Living Things

Our afternoon group have been learning about living things and identifying what they need to survive. We planted some sunflower seeds and set up an experiment to investigate how they will grow in different conditions. We learned about the what a balanced diet is and how important it is in order for us to be fit and healthy. After talking about healthy food choices, we designed and made a fruit kebab. We have continued to work on our teamwork skills and had a go at skipping with the big rope altogether!

In RE, we learned about inspirational people and what they are famous for.

World Book Day, World Maths Day and World Down Syndrome Day

This half term we had lots of special days to celebrate!


For World Book Day we dressed up as book characters and enjoyed taking part in book related activities with our families. We looked at our favourite books, made bookmarks, visited The Orchard library, did an outdoor book hunt and completed a book quiz.


For World Maths Day we talked about how Maths is used in so many different jobs and how we use so many different Maths skills in everyday life. We experimented with making symmetrical butterflies, weighing objects, measuring capacity in the water tray, used dice to play Snakes and Ladders, investigated how we can use calculators to help us and lots more.


Finally, for World Down Syndrome day we talked about what Down Syndrome is and how people with the condition can be affected. We enjoyed comparing our odd socks and designed our own.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

We really enjoyed reading this story together and spent our week making, eating and writing instructions for how to make pancakes. We especially enjoyed having a go at flipping a pancake ourselves. We selected our toppings and talked about about favourite things to eat with pancakes.

The Great Fire of London

The topic for our afternoon group has been the Great Fire of London. We have loved learning facts about the fire, how it started, why it spread so quickly and what changes were put in place to prevent something like this happening again. We made collages for a display in The Orchard to show the events of the fire. We have used a timeline to sequence the events and talked about how sources such as the diaries of Samuel Pepys have helped us to learn more about what life was like in the past. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Hornsea Fire Brigade, learning about how the fire service help people and had great fun firing water from the hose. We are continuing to work on our turn taking skills and social skills, as well as giving compliments to one another and following instructions. We enjoy listening to a story each day that has a message for us to remember. In Jigsaw we have been learning about setting goals and challenges for ourselves and understanding that in order to succeed, we need to learn new things one step at a time. As part of this, we challenged ourselves to learn new things such as counting in Chinese, learning the Macarena dance and remembering the poem The Owl and the Pussycat. We have enjoyed visits to Woodland World and have been working on our throwing and catching skills in PE. We conducted a Scientific experiment to find out which was the fastest way to melt an ice cube, ensuring we carried out a fair test.

Worm Weather

In this topic, we talked about different types of weather and the seasons. We practised using capital letters for days of the week and names of places when we made a weather chart and used our weather charts to write sentences about the weather in different places. We talked about the clothes we need to wear in Winter and wrote labels for them. Some us learned how to use commas to separate the items in a list. We are trying especially hard to hold our pencils correctly. We have learnt and added actions to some Winter poems, talking about and choosing our favourite one. We have enjoyed reading stories about different weather such as Jack Frost and One Year with Kipper. We have continued to work on our turn taking skills, using kind words towards others and following instructions. In Maths we have learnt about the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes and used them to make repeating patterns.  In Phonics we are beginning to sound talk and blend longer words. 

The First Christmas

For the final two weeks of this half term, our topic has been Christmas. We have enjoyed listening to Christmas stories each day, taken part in lots of Christmas crafts, sung Christmas songs and have written our very own version of the story of The First Christmas. We especially enjoyed decorating The Orchard with Christmas trees and lights, playing in our role play Christmas shop and had great fun on our parent Christmas craft morning. We have played Christmas turn taking games during our daily Chatterbugs sessions, been to Christmas parties at school and we have made lots of people proud when we all took part in our class Christmas performances.


Merry Christmas from all at The Orchard! 🎄 

Afternoon group Autumn 2

This half term we have enjoyed our topic of The Three Little Pigs. We have been focusing on recognising materials and describing their properties as well as experimenting with bending, twisting and stretching a variety of materials and testing out which materials would be best for certain jobs. We designed and built houses for the little pigs and tested out how strong they were by trying to blow them down. In addition to this, we have enjoyed using the computers for ICT and working on our programming skills using the Beebots. We have especially enjoyed our visits to Woodland World where we have made Stickman using natural materials and practised our turn taking and social skills playing hide and seek. Each afternoon we have read a social story as part of our daily routine. As part of our Christmas celebrations we invited parents in for a craft afternoon, had a Christmas sing sing and even managed to squeeze in eating a Christmas bun! We also had one of school governors, Mr Hansell, attend this session. We’ve even had a visit from Adrian and Thunder, the therapy dog. What a busy half term it’s been!

Rama and Sita

During this topic we enjoyed retelling the story of Rama and Sita, learning about how Diwali is celebrated, made Rangoon patterns with coloured sand and even made our own diva lamps from clay. In Maths we have been working in addition and subtraction, using different strategies such as concrete objects, manipulative and number lines to help us. We have continued to enjoy visits to the library each week. 

Science Morning

Our theme for Science morning was 'Science in everyday life.' We watched a video to find out what Science is and we talked about the skills a scientist uses - predicting, experimenting and concluding. We then went on to take part in experiments such helping the sea animals escape from the iceberg, making exploding volcanoes, building electrial circuits to light up a bulb, power a motor and make a buzzer sound, testing out the best materials to make a waterproof coat for our teddy, discovering which items float and sink and invetigating which materials are magnetic. We were all thoroughly engaged and participated enthusiastically in all activities. We have also had great fun playing outside in the rain this week!

Where the Poppies Now Grow

This story helped us to learn about Remembrance, why it is celebrated and the significance of the poppy. We learned about the features of instruction text, followed instructions to make a poppy, then had a go at writing some instructions of our own. We used a variety of media to make poppy artwork and had a walk to the Hornsea Memorial Gardens to look at the poppy wreaths that had been laid on Remembrance Sunday.