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Access to MNP Parent Guides

MNP Parent Guide Access

Math No Problem (MNP) have kindly provided parents access to their Parent Guides

These are aimed at helping parents support learners during this tricky time.  These will provide an online version of your child’s maths textbook and workbook which will enable you to:

  • Access maths content for your child’s year group, including lesson objectives  
  • Find the answers to textbook and workbook questions 
  • Get extra support as you navigate the MNP lesson structure


Any parent wishing to have access to the parent guides will either:

use the following link and access code to sign up - 

Access Code: S62X6NB

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to access maths content for your child’s year group, along with help guides and lesson support.



send us an email address so that MNP can invite you to create a password and login (this will be sent via email so keep a look out).  If you send us your information, in order to keep this private, we would ask that you send your email address to allowing us to start the ball rolling if you have not already done so.

Useful documents to support Parents