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Let's practise...




  • Can you think of any animals that might come into your garden that have fur? Maybe you have a pet that has fur? Draw a picture of a furry creature and label it. 
  • We all know that nurses are doing a very brave job right now. Can you draw a picture of a nurse and label it? You could ask an adult to help you do some research on a very famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. It was her birthday last week! 
  • Have a look at the picture of a surfer, have a go at writing a short sentence.  How about "He can surf." Think first, say it aloud, count the words and then have a go! Remember to keep checking your sentence to see what will come next.



Let's practise...




  • Can you spot any snails in your garden? Where do you think they might live? Draw a picture of a snail and have a go at sounding out the word "snail" to label it. 
  • Make two lists to sort animals into: Tail and No Tail. 
  • Draw a picture of your garden when it is rainy. How does it look different? Label the parts of your picture. 




Don't forget to keep practising our "tricky words". These words cannot be sounded out and children must be able to recognise them by sight.