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Week Beginning 27/04/2020


Good morning Year 5 (especially the wonderful children of 5JP),

Here are some challenges for you:

1) Spelling Test!

Use the Kahoot

(Also accessible on with the game pin 05863980)

2) Maths!

In the Maths folder of the Year 5 Home Learning page (under April) you will find instructions on how to make and use a Place Value Concertina. Have a go!

3) English!

In the Hamlet folder of the Year 5 Home Learning page you will find a pdf of Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2. Read this soliloquy and create a performance of the speech. At the bottom of the Hamlet page you will find a short lesson video that shows real actors working on this scene. Break a leg!

4) Art!

(Parents will love this one)... paint a picture whilst blindfolded. It could be a picture of a tree, a cat, two Bourbon biscuits or your favourite teacher (me!)

5) Disguise yourself!

Come up with the ultimate camouflage and disguise yourself using it. Get somebody to take a photo and post it to show yourself hidden from view.

Have a smashing day!


Good morning Year 5

Where has that beautiful sunshine gone?  Fingers crossed for a swift return.


Here are some mid-week challenges to keep you busy:

Get Active

Here is the link to the Make Your Move Skipping Challenge – “this will get your feet moving, your head working and your lungs pumping.”


Below is a White Chocolate Rocky Road recipe – courteous of GoodToKnow.  This recipe serves 10 people. 

White Chocolate Rocky Road recipe

Ingredients to serve 10 people

  • 210g white chocolate
  • 83g shortbread biscuits
  • 25g mini marshmallows
  • 4 dried apricots - approximately 35g
  • 29g dried cranberries
  • You will also need:
  • 1lb loaf tin
  1. How much of each ingredient would you need for just one piece instead of 10 pieces?
  2. What if you had 12 friends that you wished to deliver a piece to - scale up the ingredients so that your recipe will serve 12 instead of 10?  Out of interest how did you work this out? 
  3. Can you round each ingredient (from 2 above) to the nearest whole gram?



Write a descriptive paragraph or two about how a piece of White chocolate rocky road might taste/look/feel (this could be either in your stomach, mouth or hand before you taste!).  Remember to try and use the Year 5 English objectives in your writing.  (Look at the Subject Development sheets if you cannot remember these - coloured sheets sent home to parents and given out at Parent’s Evening.)


Number 6, on the list of spellings this week, is ENVIRONMENT.  I am going to change this slightly and add an ‘S’ on the end to make the word ENVIRONMENTS.  How many words can you make out of this one word?  Challenge your family – who can find the most? [Think of prefixes and suffixes that you might use to extend your word count.]  You can include one letter words.  If you still want more and wish to really challenge yourself – which part of speech does each of your words belong to (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, determiner or interjection)?  I have added a poster to help with this.


Here is the link for the recipe above Have a go at making this delicious piece of heaven.  Parents be aware there may be adverts on this site.

Have a fabulous time Year 5 and remember to post your comments/photos/videos online to share your day with us!


Take care and stay safe.

The Year 5 Team



Good Morning Fabulous Fives!

It has been so lovely to see pictures of all the fabulous things you are doing, but remember that really is only to cheer up the teachers as we miss being with you all!

As well as completing challenges and activities at home, remember to try to be kind to each other, but remember its ok to have wobbly moments too. We have lots to look forward to, but as teachers, we are so proud of you ALL! We have much to look forward to!

There will be some new topic resources going in to the school website tomorrow as we look at a new topic of FORCES, so look for those.


So, here are some challenges


1. Hamlet Word Search- Can you create your own word search for someone in your family to solve. The words are quite tricky to spell, but don’t give clues by using a capital letter for the start of the name as you normally would for proper nouns. Use all capital letters to make it tricky!

Draw a grid of squares and choose as many characters as you like. Don’t forget to write the names at the side.










Ghost of Hamlet's Father







First Gravedigger






Second Gravedigger




Player Queen




First Player (King)


2. Maths Challenge- Another art challenge!

Challenging perspective. Can you draw a picture of someone in your family only using squares and rectangles. If you want to challenge yourself even more, why not try to make the picture using 3d shapes.

Here is a link to help.

If you feel really inspired, look at the work of artist Escher, who uses lots of lines and shapes to create optical illusions.



3. Wellbeing

Follow the lessons on BBC bitesize which looks at the importance of teamwork.

Whilst so many of us are not able to be with our usual teams of friends, family, class mates, sports teams etc, it’s a good time to reflect on what makes a good team member.

Home learning focus

Learn about the importance and benefits of teamwork.

This lesson includes:

· a video to get your child active while thinking about teamwork

· two video clips showing how children worked together effectively as a team

· a practice activity


4. Physical Activity.

Many housework tasks can be quite physical, so lets combine helping around the house with fitness.

Do you know how to take your resting pulse?

Here is a link to help

Now pick a house work activity, such as hovering, dusting, window cleaning. Do a good fifteen minutes of housework and then test your pulse afterwards.

There should be a difference!


5. Art Challenge.

Sprinkle some flour onto a surface. The darker the better, but check its ok with an adult. Can you create a picture within the flour. You could write a positive message to someone in your house!

Remember to clean up afterwards!


Have a lovely weekend everybody. Be helpful, be kind and be happy!

Mrs Joy, Mrs Worsley and Mr Jack Patterson


how to draw a cube - Google Search