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Week 2 30.03.20

DAY 5:




Try out the Cosmic Kids Pokemon yoga session with Jaime. (on You Tube – please be aware that we cannot control the adverts)




Choose a times table which you find tricky (x2, x5, x10, x3, x4). Write the answers in this times table up to x12 on small pieces of paper. Can you muddle them up then race to put them in order? Try spreading them out on the floor and jumping on each one in order (be careful!) Can an adult challenge you to find a particular answer? E.g. Find 2 x 5. Could someone hide them around the house or garden and you find them in order?




Have your weekly spelling test with your adult using the spellings on the spelling section of our year two home learning page Post your score letting us know how you got on if you would like. Or for fun, try doing your spelling test online using the Kahoot quiz (link also on the website).




Can you think of 3 words for each of the phase 3 sounds? List these in your Home Learning Book. For an extra challenge, try to think of one word with the sound in the beginning of the word, one with the sound at the end of the word and one with the sound in the middle of the word (some sounds are trickier than others, some nearly impossible!)




Play the yes/no game with another person in your house. Think of a famous person or character that you both of you will know. They then ask you questions to guess who it is - but you can only answer yes or no to them. How many questions does it take them to guess your character? Then swap over and you have a turn.

Correct question – Are you thinking of a boy?

Incorrect question – Are you thinking of a boy or a girl?

Correct question – Are you thinking of an animal?

Incorrect question – Are you thinking of an animal or a person?

DAY 4: 


Hello Year 2! Can you rise to any of today’s challenges? 




Create a twist on the traditional Gingerbread man story!




Create a Maths board game that you can play with your family. Make it tricky! Perhaps it could have question cards to answer when you land on a certain square. Make sure you’ve worked out the answers, too! 




Follow the instructions in the picture for a throwing and catching challenge.


Arts and crafts- 


See if you can create something similar to the Easter bunnies in the picture! 

Well done Year 2. Keep up the great posts. We’ve enjoyed seeing them all so far. 😄

DAY 3:



Recap your fraction knowledge using this video:

Remember that the numerator is the top number and the denominator is the bottom number and each part of a fraction needs to be equal!

Your job is can you find 12 toys or teddies in your house and find ½, ¼, and 1/3 of the toys.



Can you practice this week’s spellings using something other than a pen or pencil? This could be colouring pens/pencils, chalk or something even more creative! Don’t forget to upload your pictures to show how creative you’ve been!



See what punctuation you can remember from what we’ve learnt this year by completing this Kahoot! Remember to use your real name so me, Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Midgley can see your score.



It’s nearly Easter! Have a look at these designs of eggs and rabbits and see if you can replicate them! First you need to draw a design – it can be anything to do with Easter e.g. eggs, rabbits or a cross. Then, draw lines with a ruler all over your design (like the design below) Finally, you can use any materials you have to decorate your picture - coloured pens/pencils, crayons, paints, collaging by tearing up old magazines, newspapers or coloured paper.


DAY 2:




Try out one of 2KB’s favourite dances ‘Banana, Banana, Meatball’ by Go Noodle ( Try out another of the Go Noodle dances and let me know in the comments if you find a good one.



Watch to remind you of the main 2D shapes. Can you hunt for those shapes in your house? Where can you find a circle? Do you have any triangles in your house? What other shapes can you find? Post any photos in the comments below and make a list in your home learning books under the name of each shape.

There are also several 2D shape games and activities on to keep you busy!



Don’t forget to practise your spellings for this week which can be found on the year two section of the website.

Read these words with the ‘ear’ sound in them. Can you write a sentence in your home learning book using at least two of these words in the same sentence? If you managed two of the words, why not try three or more?

Dear, near, tear, hear, fear, ear, beard, rear, year, gear, appear, clear, spear.



Watch the video and work through the activities for how to use commas in a list

Can you make a list of:

· 4 things in your fridge

· 5 of your toys

· 6 items of your clothing

· 7 games you like to play

Don’t forget commas between each item in your list except the last two items which are separated by and.


Have a great day Year 2!

DAY 1:


Hello Year 2! Here are a selection of challenges to keep you going!



Have you been reading any really good books lately at home? Complete us a simple book review! Include:
The book title, author, how many stars out of 5 you would give the book, what your favourite part was and perhaps draw us a picture of a character or a scene from the story.



Are you missing the Year 2 ‘Maths Monkeys’? These are soft toy characters that go home with children for a few days to take part in Maths activities at home.
Pick a soft toy from your bedroom. This is now your Maths buddy! Perhaps this week you could take a few photos (like with the Maths Monkey) of Maths activities you have completed with your buddy. Remember, things like board games often include counting, dominoes, card games etc are number related, too. What fun Maths activities can you get up to with your buddy? Give your buddy a name and post us a photo of who you’ve chosen.



Check out the new spellings for the week on our website dated 27/03/20.

How many words can you think of including the sound ‘ure’? e.g. treasure. This is one of our trickier sounds…. so get your thinking caps on!

Or, investigate the following website for many Phonics games options-…/…/letters-and-sounds



Long jump challenge! See how far you can jump (either inside or outside) and set yourself markers! Any adults who wish to join in too, can!


Well done Year 2.

Keep enjoying yourselves and stay safe.