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Week 1 (01/06/20)

Escape Crepe Paper Lasers

You'll need: crepe paper and tape

Tape lines of crepe paper across a hallway from one wall to another, zigzagging them over each other from high to low. Pretend you're a secret agent and try to get from one end of the hallway to the other without touching or breaking any of the paper.


 Make A Den

You'll need: cushions, blankets and chairs

What's an indoor activity list without a den or a fort? Drape blankets or sheets across the furniture in the living room and grab sofa cushions and pillows from your bedroom to make a cosy den to chill out in.


Paper Plate Ring Toss

You'll need: kitchen roll tube, tape or Blu Tac, paper plates and scissors

Cut paper plates into rings of different sizes and then stick your kitchen roll tube to the floor. Throw your paper rings onto the tube like you're at the funfair! Make it a challenge by moving further back or racing to see how many you can get in 30 seconds.



Teddy Zipwire

You'll need: wire or string, a clothes hanger and your favourite soft toy

Tie a wire or string from a high point in the house to a low point (the higher the better), attach a soft toy to a hanger, send it down the zipwire and watch it zoom across the room!