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Week Beginning 04/04/2020



Good morning Year 5 (especially the wonderful children of 5JP),

A very happy Star Wars day to you all.
Here are some challenges to keep you busy today:

1) Adjectives
Every time I post a challenge, I make a specific reference to how wonderful the children of 5JP are. Sometime I say lovely, delightful or marvellous. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of adjectives so your challenge today is to find me some exciting adjectives (synonyms of good, lovely, brilliant etc.) that I can use when I post about how 5JP are the best class in Year 5 🤩

2) Measure
When social distancing in the UK, it is important to try and stay 2metres away from other people. In some other countries it’s 1m. I challenge you to look around your house/garden and see what you can find that it either 1m or 2m in length.

3) Planets
It wouldn’t be Star Wars day without a spot of planetary exploration. Design your own planet. What is special and unique about it? Is there something to drink or eat? Is there air to breathe? Is there anything living in the planet?
Don’t forget your planet needs a name. I’ve designed a planet called Planet Patterson, where all the aliens are beautiful and look just like me. 👽

4) Science - May the force be with you!
As we begin to look at Forces (see the Year 5 Home Learning page for more forces work) I am challenging you to design, make and test a parachute that will safely protect an egg from being dropped. You can use anything you want to make your parachute, put in your egg and then drop it from a height (get an adult to help you with this - best to do it outside) and see if your egg survives. 🪂

5) Kahoot time!
Three Kahoots for you this morning:

A ) Shape and measure…
Or visit with the gamepin: 08204982

B ) Rounding…
Or visit with the gamepin: 06192827

C ) Cheese! 🧀…
Or visit with the gamepin: 03445371

Have a smashing day!


Happy Wednesday Year 5!

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. Fingers crossed for more today.

Here are 5 challenges to keep you busy for the next few days. Please post photos and videos below for us to see!

1. Art/ English
Decorate your house red, white and blue ready for VE day on Friday. You could make a flag, bunting, lettering, just pictures or why not write an Acrostic Poem?


2. Art/DT/Maths
What is the tallest tower you can build from 6 sheets of newspaper. Can your tower support the weight of a small beanie toy or teddy?
[There are lots of different ways that paper can be manipulated to achieve different results, for example bending, rolling, tearing, scrunching or concertina folding.]

How tall is your tower – use different units to measure your tower on completion (use at least 3 standard forms of measure eg. cm, mm, m and then two more unusual forms. Can you can come up with a unit of measure that no one else would consider!)


3. Science
As we continue to look at Forces (see the Year 5 Home Learning page for more forces work) I am challenging you to design, make and test a powered boat that will move through water without a motor. If you get a little stuck why not try the following site for some ideas.


4. Just for FUN - No Thumbs
Tape your thumbs to the side of your hands and try to do basic tasks such as opening a door or using a phone. Be sure that the tape is not too tight as you don’t want to hurt yourself - you may want to use something strong such as duct tape. If you don't have tape then try some string or wool.
Why not try some more challenging activities such as writing, tying shoelaces or better still…..
BUILD a Pyramid House of Cards


5. Get Active - 7-Second Exercise Challenge
Can you perform the following activities – try each challenge one by one and then put them altogether
o Throw 20 imaginary punches at a boxing opponent,
o Touch your feet with your elbows 4 times
o Do 5 push ups with an item balanced on your back – start
again if it falls off.
o Touch the four corner edges in your largest room, coming
back to the centre each time.
o ‘Lightning Bolt’ like Usain Bolt does after he wins a race
10 times (alternate sides with each move)
o Mount two textbooks on your head and walk briskly
around the room without losing balance


Want more?? Go to Math No Problem Parent Guides and complete Chapter 10 - Position and Movement, Lesson 1 - Naming and Plotting Points. (Not yet got access? Send us an email to requesting parental set up.)


For even more.....You could also go to the Home Learning Section on the school website!


Have a great day!

From Hornsea Worsley, Hornsea Patterson & Hornsea Joy


Year 5 07.05.20 for Friday 08.05.20
Hello everybody in year 5 and HAPPY VE DAY. I hope you are able to find some way to celebrate this momentous occasion!
Here are the end of week challenges
All the activities are based around making a paper aeroplane, so this needs to be done first.
1. ART/CRAFT- Make a paper aeroplane. If you have access to a printer you could use one of the templates from the following link.
There are 9 different choices.
If you don’t have a printer, you can make a basic paper aeroplane. There is a simple link to follow here.
Decorate the plane is classic authentic colours, or you could choose the colours of the British Flag, red white and blue.
2. Maths-Throw your paper aeroplane 5 times. Measure how far it goes each time in cm.
Can you work out the average length of your five throws. Work on two different ways of working out the averages
a. Mean
b. Medium
If you are unsure, look up those maths term on
3. English- We have been so impressed by all the baking and cooking that you have all been doing.
Here is a different kind of recipe to put together.
It’s a recipe for a perfect day!
What do you think would make a perfect day?
A sprinkle of sunshine, a dash of mischief, a spoonful of fun? Everyone’s day will be different, so have fun designing your perfect day. Will you make your recipe rhyme or will you write it as a list with commas?
4. Science- Forces, friction and fair testing
Watch the following clip
It begins to look at what friction is and the importance of fair testing, which as year 5’s we talk about a great deal.
Have a look around your house and can you find surfaces that would have different frictions and therefore resistance?
Extra challenge:
How far can you make an elastic band band fly?
Safety warning- do not fire an elastic band in the direction of anyone, especially their faces.
Can you research what ‘resistance’ is?
5. Mindfulness-
You are amazing! You are wonderful!
Write yourself a little note telling yourself five reasons that you are amazing. Remind yourself about all the things that you are really good at, all your great personality traits.
Enjoy the celebrations and the weekend.
Mrs Joy, Mr Patterson and Mrs Worsley and Mr Patterson.