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DT competition Summer 2019/20

Key Stage 1 winner: 

Well done to Jasmine who is our Key Stage 1 winner for her Disney princess castle made out of recycled items.


Key Stage 2 winner: 

Well done to Leonie who is our Key Stage 2 winner for her fairy garden house made from logs and other garden items!  

Earth Day Design Technology Project - Competition time!


As part of our Earth Day work, myself and Mrs Close are setting a competition for all children in the school to take part in if they want to.


Your challenge, if you choose to accept...

From recycled materials (anything you have used in your house), can you make a model of somewhere that you normally enjoy going? This can be anywhere in the world that you have been to before.

Once your model is complete, get an adult to take a picture of it and post it in the comments section of this post, add your name, class and a description of where the model is of. Then myself and Mrs Close will judge the best EYFS model, the best model in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and the best Key Stage 2 model (Years 3-6).


The winning models will be displayed around school when we come back and some may even be displayed at Hornsea Secondary school!


Good luck!

Some entries so far (19.05.20)