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Monday 15.06.20

EYFS Challenges

Summer Activities and Safety in the Sun

Good Morning Children in RCF and RHG.  I hope that you have had a fun weekend and are now ready for some more challenges.

1.  Can you think about either what you did on Saturday, or Sunday.  Next, draw a picture which shows just what you did on that day.  After that, show your adult your picture.  Begin by saying on Saturday I ... and then tell them what you did.

Finally, can you write down what you have said in one, two, or even three sentences and then read them back to your adult?  Go on challenge yourself, you can do it.

Remember each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.  I can't wait to read what you have done. 

2  Phonics 2 trigraphs today, (3 letters one sound) - ear as in hear and air as in fair. (b/d practice Wednesday).

Please watch the Alphablocks video using the link in Week 3's Phonics Folder.  Once you have watched it, please complete the challenge.

5 Mrs Bottery stars for anyone that can post me on the school Facebook page with a  word in which the trigraph ear sounds exactly the same as the trigraph air.


3 What is your favourite Summer Activity?

Please make a video and tell me all about it.  Post it to me on the School Facebook Page.


4 Look in Week 3's Literacy Folder and watch the Despicable Me 2 " Safety in the Sun video.  Can you make a Poster at some time this week, about staying safe in the sun?  All Posters which are shown to me, by 12 Noon on Friday, which include all of the points shown in the video, will receive a Certificate. So watch very carefully, then get creative!


5 Maths this week is subtraction, take away, this is the sign -.  Watch and listen carefully to the Pirate Subtraction song.  (Link below).  Practice your subtraction.  Then role play being a pirate and learn the chorus of the song.  10 Mrs Bottery stars to any pirate that posts a video on the School Facebook page.  Come on me hearties, you can do it!

Wednesday 17th June

Summer Activities and Sun Safety

EYFS Challenges

Good Morning Children in RCF and RHG.  Firstly, I would like to thank you for sharing all of your learning with us.  Your really have some amazing adults teaching you at the moment, as all of the work shared has been incredible.


1. Let's start as we do in school, by listening to a story.  Find a favourite book, share a chair with your adult and read a book together.  Which book will you choose I wonder?  If just at this moment it isn't convenient to sit and read, decide on a time.

Please let me know, which story you choose.


2. Phonics.  Today we are looking at the graphemes, (written representation of a sound), b and d. When first learning to read and write, lots of us get them muddled up.  Can you see why?

There is a very clever way to help us to tell them apart.  Let's give it a try.

First put your thumbs up, (with your nails facing you) and keep the rest of your fingers tucked into the palms of your hands.

Next, put your thumbs side by side.

Then, move your thumbs apart and put your knuckles together.

Finally, keeping your thumbs up and your fingers down, move your hands apart.


Do you see that your left hand is in the shape of a b and your right hand is in the shape of a d?  Trace around them with your finger, starting with the b.


Now watch the video on the EYFS Home Learning Page, Phonics Folder, week 3.

Ask your adult to write some b's and d's on a sheet of paper.  Can you circle ALL the b's in blue?  How many are there?


3.  Maths.  Let's play a game of "Tap-it".  Make a set of number cards.  Start at 0 and end at 10.  (Let your adult check that all of your numbers are formed correctly.  If you have a number, that looks like a letter, (other than 0), it is facing the wrong way.

Numbers always begin at the top.  Note if your child needs to practice any numbers.  If all formed correctly, please let me know.

Once made, spread the cards out on the table or the floor.  Now ask them some subtraction questions, always putting the larger number first. Eg 7 takeaway 2 =?  Your child needs to tap with their fingers 5 times on number 5, whilst counting.

To work out the answer they can use their fingers, a numberline, small toys, etc, count backwards, or complete the calculation mentally, if they are ready.  The "concrete" stage, however, (physically counting something), is very important in the the development of number skills.  When your child is confident, you can begin to say now listen carefully sometimes I will say add, or subtract.

The aim is for them to be confident with both addition and subtraction.

For a super challenge you could introduce - and + in the same question.

Eg 10 - 6 + 1 =.  Explain that it is done in parts.  The first part is 10 - 6 (work out the answer). THEN add 1 more = "Tap-it".

Please let me know how your child managed this task.

End with joining in the chorus of the Pirate Subtraction Song.  (Monday's Maths).  Ahoy Vinnie Wellard, fantastic Pirate subtraction in full costume - brilliant.


4.  Creative.  If you look in the Creative Folder, (EYFS HL Page, Week 3), you can click on a link to a painting by Paul Klee, called "The Sun and Castle".  When you look at the colourful painting, what shapes can you see?

Making sandcastles is a very enjoyable Summer Activity.  I have also included a link to pictures of some wonderful sandcastles.  Now, here is your creative challenge.  Can you create a picture of a sandcastle in the sunshine, in the style of Paul Klee?  If you have chalks, why not chalk it outside and take a picture?  Or you may want to use a piece of an old, pale coloured, piece of material, (check with an adult first), to paint on.  Paper and cardboard would work too.  Whatever you have available.

I have tagged all the EYFS staff in so that they can see your masterpieces.


5.  Well-being Wednesday - Cosmic Kids Stories and Yoga is Pedro the Penguin goes to the Fun Fair.  Is your favourite ride the same as Phoebe's?  She loves the Big Wheel.


Please don't forget all Safety in the Sun Posters received by 12 noon on Thursday, will be awarded a Special Certificate.

Jemima's Certificate, is already on its way.  The Despicable Me 2 video to watch first, is in the Home Learning, Week 3, Literacy Folder.


Have fun learning lots and check back on Friday, for more fun things to do!

Friday 19.06.20  EYFS Challenges

Good Morning Everyone in RCF and RHG

Friday again, already, this week seems to have whizzed by.  Thank you for keeping us updated with your learning, we are so proud of all of you and your grown ups too and we would like to say a big thank you for all of your hard work.


1.  Phonics. Today, we would like for you to practice your reading.  Please go on to Phonics and select Phase 3 "Buried Treasure".  On the bottom row you will see the 2 trigraphs of the week, ear and air.  Select one.  The game then generates lots of words, some real some not, for your child to practice their segmenting and blending skills.  Your child then has to decide if the word is real or not, which extends their vocabulary.  Real words go into the Treasure Chest, whilst the not real words go into the dustbin. Remind your child that the trigraph stays "whole" and is not to be sounded out as individual sounds.  Eg air

not a - i - r.  


2.  Maths.  On the school website go to Parents and then select the Maths Zone.  Then select Learn the Basics.  Here you will find the Big Maths Challenges, which your child will complete each Friday in school.  The aim is for the children to have rapid recall of certain number facts and to compete against themselves, to improve their score each week.  Full marks for three weeks in a row and your child will move up to the next level.  Numbers have to be formed correctly and the test is timed, at this level it is 30 seconds.

Select Learn-Its-Challenges-tests and scroll down to week 6.  You will find it is one sheet comprising Stages 1 2 3.  The children are only required to write the answers.  Let them read the number sentences and then air write the answers.  When they are confident, introduce the time element.  Add the countdown clock for extra fun.  Have a try yourself as your child learns so much from having you model the process.


3.  5 minutes of fame.  Is your child a singer? a dancer? a magician? a musician?

If so, and they feel confident, please have them make a recording and post on the Facebook Group.  


4.  The weather forecast is for more rain today.  Challenge your child to make an indoor den, with a bag of items that you give to them, suggestions include a duvet, pillows, cushions soft toys for the inside and a large sheet to drape between two chairs, a sweeping brush to make a roof so that the sheet doesn't sag.  Finish off with battery powered lights, for a cosy glow.  Children could pack a bag of things to take into their den - colouring books, reading books, a game.

Indoor and outdoor den building is very popular at school.  It is great fun for children of all ages!


5.  Play a game of Who am I?  Take some sticky notes.  Decide on a theme - Super Heroes, Cartoon Characters, Animals.  Everyone writes something on a post it.  Each person then sticks their post-it on someone else's head.  Each person gets to ask a question, in order to find out who they are.


Next week, our learning theme is Summer Mini Beasts, Plants and Colours.  Please have a think about a mini beast which you would like to know more about. There will be 10 Mrs Bottery stars for the first person who can tell me what someone who studies mini beasts is called.