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Monday 18th May

Good morning RHG and RCF


Your garden themed tasks today are - 


1. Have a try at creating the first letter of your name using things you can find in your garden. You might use sticks, leaves, daisies, grass, mud. Mrs Hill will be looking for some really creative designs. 


2. Sit in your garden or outdoor space. Close your eyes for one minute. What can you hear? Now make a word or picture list of the things you could hear. Mrs Bottery is also going to do this task today. I wonder if you will hear the same things? 


3. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Look out of your window and count how many birds fly past your garden. If you are really quiet they might even sit in your garden.  Miss Goodwin will be doing this activity today. I wonder who will count the most birds? 


4. Draw your garden. Using the skills you learnt last week, I would like you to label the things in your garden independently. Don't forget to use a ruler when labelling! I wonder if Mrs Emmerson will have some of the same things that you have? 


5. Take a camera outside and explore your garden using the zoom tool. Mrs Foster is going to do this activity today and there will be a little guessing game later. Will you be able to guess what Mrs Foster has taken pictures of in her garden?