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What our children think!

At Hornsea Community Primary School children are at the centre of everything we do. We truly believe that "Happy Children Progress and Succeed". We value what all children think and say. Here are what some of our children think of our school...

Year 4 child: "I like going outside to do science experiments - it makes it fun!


Year 5 child: "I love learning about space. I want to be an astronaut in the future"

"I am extremely happy that I am back at school learning maths because I really enjoy the challenge of tricky maths and problem solving"


"I am happy to be back at school doing maths again and I am excited to be able to play with the children in my class"


"I enjoy playtimes and lunchtimes. I enjoy the school dinners and playing with my friends I am pleased to be back at school so I can do Maths. I love numbers"


"I enjoy the toys in school and being able to see my friends. I am happy to be back at school because I love playing with my friends"


"I enjoy school dinners during lockdown, especially the roast dinners, I enjoy doing school work because I like to get more clever"


"I enjoy French and Music lessons with Mrs Burton because they are really fun."


"I enjoy PE because its really fun and gets me active."


"I enjoy seeing all my friends everyday at school."


"I am enjoying being back at school because Maths is my favourite subject and I'm good at it so I really missed it."


"I am enjoying the tasty meals school meals that are cooked by the dinner ladies."


"I am enjoying having my teacher to help me with my maths work."


"I enjoy Art because it was always fun to do and I love colouring and drawing. I am really enjoying English this year and I like seeing my friends every day"


"I enjoy playing with my friends every day. I am happy to be back and I am glad that I can play every day"