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What our children think!

At Hornsea Community Primary School children are at the centre of everything we do. We truly believe that "Happy Children Progress and Succeed". We value what all children think and say. Here are what some of our children think of our school...

"Our school is a great place to be! Lots of the learning activities are really fun and it educates us well. There's so much sport going on at school including many after school clubs. At the moment every child in our class runs a mile a day in the mornings to see if it will help us to make more progress in reading, writing and maths. I love our special days when we learn about our new topics and Maths Mission days are fantastic! I love coming to school!"


"I love our school. My favourite subject is maths - I could do maths all day! I like doing maths on my computer at home. The other thing I really love is school meals. I have one every day and they are always scrumptious!"


"The teachers at school really help me succeed in my life. They help me to learn and remember the important things I need to know. I find lunchtimes hard but teachers always have the time to talk to me if there's a problem. My favourite subjects are art and PE, especially when we go outside."


"I think this school is really fun. We do lots of great activities in lessons and the teachers are really fair with us. We have to work hard but I enjoy lessons. My favourite lessons are maths, art and PE."


"We are best friends and we like our school because we love our Golden Time at the end of the week! Children who do the right thing all week are called "Always" children and "Always" children get an extra playtime on a Friday. We are always "Always" children and we love this treat!"


"At school I learn lots but I also have fun! There are many clubs available at lunchtimes which means I never get bored! Lessons are always fun too - and very challenging!"