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British Science Week 2024: Year 6

World Science Day 2023: Year 6

Autumn Science Day at The Orchard 2023


Summer Science Space Day- 1LM/ 4BM

British Science Week- The Orchard

British Science Week- 4BM

Science Day - Lets Learn Together The Orchard (November 2022)

Science Day - Lets Learn Together Year 1 (November 2022)

Science Day - Let's Learn Together Year 4 (November 2022)

Science Day - Lets Learn Together EYFS (November 2022)

2IB have been exploring woodland world for living, non-living and never living things.


The children have had a fantastic day developing their Crime Scene Investigation skills to help the police catch who stole our 'Best Class in the School' trophy. They have learnt about how evidence found at a crime scene can be vital to catching and convicting criminals. From exploring the uniqueness of fingerprints, to analysing items found at the crime scene, the children have been incredibly successful in identifying Mrs Foster as being the scheming trophy thief!

A huge well done to them all and, who knows, maybe we have some future forensic scientists in our school!

We have received some lovely feedback from parents and pupils following our Let's Learn Together Science Morning:


  • Year 6 pupil: "Today I enjoyed making a structure out of spaghetti and I got to do it with my mum. I also enjoyed that we got to do a fun and crafty project."
  • Year 3 parent: "Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Well organised and fun. The children were all engaged and it was lovely to watch and take part."
  • Year 2 parent: "Had lots of fun with my son at the science morning. We loved making the grass head best."
  • Year 4 pupil: "I liked the rainbow experiment and I love my mum being here too. It is very fun."
  • Year 4 parent: "It has been so great to share learning mornings with my children again. We have really enjoyed doing all the experiments together and I have loved seeing how my daughter interacts with her peers."
  • Year 2 parent: "It was lovely to see what the children had been learning about. I was told lots of interesting facts about plants and life cycles! Some really fab activities to do together."


Thank you very much for visiting our school, we had a wonderful time!

4LM - Let's Learn Together Science Morning (March 2022)

Year 5 making slime during British Science Week (March 2022)

Year 4 enjoyed learning about which materials conduct electricity during our school trip to Magna!

Year 4 learnt about climate change and David Attenborough. They really enjoyed making their own eco bottles to demonstrate the ecosystem.

On World Science Day, 4SB went on a nature walk scavenger hunt around the field.

While learning their Materials topic in science, 2LM investigated which materials are best to help stop an ice lolly melting.

1ED loved investigating what happens when skittles and water mix during World Science Day. They made skittle rainbows!

During Year 4's Sound topic in science, we learnt about how vibrations create sound. We investigated how well sound is transferred through different materials.

4LM investigated how to turn double cream into butter. We used a lot of energy to shake the jars, but we succeeded!

4LM enjoyed demonstrating the particle arrangements of solids, liquids and gases on the playground.

6HR Making and Excavating Fossils

10.11.21 World Science Day 6HR

During British Science Week we invited parents in to take part in science activities with their children. This was a great success! There was a buzz of activity around the school and feedback from parents was very positive with many asking when the next Science Learning Morning will be!

Investigating dissolving and showing results in bar and line graphs

British Science Week: 6HG were making and excavating poo!

Investigating the digestive system!

Investigating how to make an effective sail...

Science so far this year...

Our students have been busy in their science investigation lessons this half term! Miss Garforth has been team-teaching in a few KS2 classes and is amazed at how engaged and motivated the children are in these lessons. The teachers are planning exciting and beneficial investigations which get the children thinking critically. Plus, there's even more to come! Professor Brainstorm is coming into school in November for some 'exploding science' shows! What a brilliant start to the year!

Science club week 10: Rainbow paper!

EYFS Investigation Day and learning about dinosaurs!

Year 1/2 Busy Bodies including a visit to Tesco and from Canine partners.

Year 3 / 4 Food glorious food

Year 5/6 - Walking on Water Experiment, Bugtopia and studying fossils

Science club week 9: Experimenting with sound

Science club week 8: Making a bouncy ball

Week 7 Science club: rainbow clouds!