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Maths at our school

It’s official - children at HCPS love maths! In a recent questionnaire completed by children (Year 1 to Year 6) maths was declared to be the favourite subject of the majority of children. This is great news! Our children are highly motivated and engaged in maths lessons and enjoy regular challenges. As a result they enjoy experiencing regular success and love celebrating their progress. ‘Big Maths’ was introduced to school 5 years ago and has been followed rigorously since then. In September 2017 it was "re-launched" in school to raise its profile further and to introduce new and exciting elements of the Big Maths scheme.  Daily sessions of Big Maths ensure that children are taught in small steps so that they become secure in ‘the basics’ from an early age. School-wide ‘Big Maths Beat That’, ‘CLIC’ and 'SAFE' tests take place on Friday mornings where children aim to beat the previous week’s score. In addition to the Big Maths approach, many lessons involving puzzles, problem-solving and investigations. Children are encouraged to become ‘independent learners’ from an early age and to take an active interest in their studies and in their progress. In maths lessons children's progress is monitored and developed in 3 areas: fluency, problem-solving and reasoning. Children are regularly asked to explain their reasoning and justify their opinions with  challenges such as "Prove it!" "Explain how you know!" and "Is there a better way of doing that?"