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15.06.20  Safety in the Sun and Summer Activities

This week in Maths we are focusing on the concept of subtraction, "taking away".  Last week's Maths folder contains templates for number lines and an explanation on  how to use them, and a video link about subtracting using a number line.  Please refer to last week's Maths folder, should you need these resources.  Thank you.


Firstly, begin by counting backwards from either 10,  15,  or 20, in 1's. Eg 20, 19,  18, and so on.  Each time a number is said, we are subtracting 1, and the number is decreasing, (getting less).  In EYFS, we encourage the children to be confident, competent counters, both forwards and backwards and they are encouraged to have a number line "in their heads", in other words to visualise the number line to aid number recognition, formation and recall.  For example if a child can visualise the number line, they know the number before and the number after, a given number; enabling them to know 1 more and 1 less, or +1, -1. These are very important concepts to have  at this stage in their learning.


There is lots of useful information on Mathematical development, on the School's website, under the "Maths Zone" heading.  Please feel free to browse.  The "Learn Its" pages are uploaded on there, should you wish to practise with your child, something we do in school, every Wednesday Morning, in preparation for the weekly, "Beat That" quiz.  The aim of the quiz is for the children to develop rapid recall of certain number facts and to write the answers down on their sheet, before the time runs out.  Once a child has achieved full marks for three weeks in a row, they move on to the next level.  Hence the need to practise number formation,  as all numbers must be formed

correctly, for the mark to be awarded.


Below is a link for suggested subtraction activities to complete at home including subtraction bingo, which is lots of fun.  Once the booklet is downloaded, its eyes down, subtraction heads on, and you're ready to play!