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Year 1

Week 10 - Y1 have enjoyed making, cooking and tasting Chapattis while learning about Diwali

1JR Week 10 World Kindess Day and Children in Need

Week 9 - In phonics we have been looking at CVCC words.

1JR Week 9 Bonfire night patterns, poetry, firework addition and painting

Week 8 - Year 1 have been dissecting owl pellets with Mrs Fell!

1JR Week 8 Dissecting owl pellets with Mrs Fell

1JR Week 7 Understanding the part-part whole model

Week 6 - We loved looking for signs of Autumn

1JR Week 5: Outdoor learning

Week 5 - We have used skittles and water to carry out a rainbow experiment in Science

1JR Week 4 Noah's Ark: Animal categories

Week 3 - We have been practising our sounds outside using chalk.

1JR Week 3: Representing numbers in different ways and finding more and less

Week 2 - Oliver was very proud of his Noah's Ark made from unifix

1JR Supertato topic: September

Week 1 - Jack wants to be a Firefighter when he grows up!