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Week Beginning 18/05/2020



Good morning Year 5 (with an extra special good morning to the fantabulous children of 5JP),

Here are your challenges for today:

1) Make your bed.
Ensure the sheets are tucked in just right, the duvet is neat and the pillows are nicely plumped. BUT you must do all of this with your hands behind your back! If you’ve already made your bed you’ll have to make it again.

2) A hair-raising activity.
It has been a while since hairdressers were open and, if you’re anything like me, your hair is starting to get very long indeed. Using whatever you can find in your house (but it can’t actually be a wig) create your own wig. You could use fabric, newspaper, wool, hundreds of spring onions tied together.... be creative and share a photo below.

3) The counties of England.
Everyone knows that East Yorkshire is the greatest county in England but what are the other counties of England called? Try to learn the names of as many as you can. How many can you name in just two minutes?

4) The Throwing a Teabag into a Mug Championships!
Get a mug and put it on the floor. Stand and throw the teabag into the mug. Challenge the people you live with: who can stand furthest away from the mug and still successfully throw the teabag in?

5) The future.
You’re all doing brilliantly during this lockdown and are managing to follow the rules and stay 2m apart. We’re really proud of you.
For your final challenge today, come up with a list of things that you can’t wait to do when this lockdown ends.

Have a smashing day!
Mr Patterson, Mrs Joy, Mrs Worsley

UK Map



Good morning Year 5,
Get those shorts on, today’s going to be a real scorcher!


Here are your challenges for today:

1) Countries which make up the United Kingdom.
Monday was counties and today is countries. I always have to look especially hard at these two words – just one letter difference but so very, very different. Produce a fact file on the countries within the UK.
Add the following things (and more still if you want to):
• The United Kingdom Flag (Why and when did this become what it is today?)
• Name the 4 countries that make up the UK and draw their flags;
• The Flowers representing each country;
• Foods each country is known for; and
• Give at least two famous landmarks of each country and state whether these are with physical or human geological


Time to get creative
2) Make an unusual lunch for the people in your household.
Do you ever get fed up with the same old lunch ideas? I do! Once my sister-in-law sent her husband to work with an onion sandwich
😊 – he was not happy when he opened his packed lunch! I wouldn’t recommend this but do try to create something a little different or unusual for a change. One rule being….. You must clear up your mess afterwards!


3) Invent a new language.
Don’t you ever wonder why we call things the things we do? For example, why is a banana called a banana? Create a new language and insist that your family use it for today. It might be helpful if you label a few items around your home and/or garden. What words are you going to use for common words like – and, the, I? Remember post some of your ideas. Maybe even video a conversation.


4) Colour Hunt.
Hunt out all shades of one colour that you can. Choose any colour you want. Did you know there are endless amounts of different shades of green for example? (See picture attached) These are not even all the possible shades of green either - there are many more!
Collect these different shades and make up a piece of art. (If using fabrics, do not cut these unless you get the permission of an adult at home.) Again remember to post pictures of these for us all to see.


5) Memorable things you have done over the past 9 weeks.
As Mr Patterson said on Monday, you’re all doing brilliantly during this lockdown and are managing to follow the rules and stay 2m apart. We’re really proud of you.
For your final challenge today, write a bullet pointed list stating some of the things you are either particularly proud of, think have been really quite unusual or have just really enjoyed. Then select one of those things and write a paragraph about it.


Remember for more work/challenges – take a look on the school website:


Of course, this set of challenges wouldn’t be from me unless I reminded you to take a look at your Math No Problem workbook!
In my previous challenge you were asked to look at worksheets 2 and 3. Why not take a look at worksheets 4 and 5 next? 4 is easier and talks about reflections in a variety of mirror lines and worksheet 5 is a little more complicated as it looks at successive reflections. You know you can do it; why not take a look?
Remember to use the Parent guides to support. Textbook pages: 137-141 & 142-146. Workbook pages: 84-85 & 86-87.

[Top Tip - make sure the reflection of each vertex is in the correct place by measuring the distance from each vertex to the mirror line and then drawing a dot at the same point on the other side of the mirror line. Next join all the points and record each new coordinate.]


Have a glorious day!
Mrs Worsley, Hornsea Jack Patterson and Hornsea Joy

Shades of Green


Happy Friday everybody! We hope you are all doing ok.
Here are Friday’s challenges. They are taken from the BBC year 5 daily lessons (22.05.20)
1. Maths- Try these maths challenges.

see link below challenge work today.


Here is the link to the answers
Extra Challenge- Look to see if you have any rice in your house.
a. Count out ten grains of rice
b. Count out 100 grains of rice- Now estimate how many grains of rice there are altogether.


2. English- Write a thank you letter. There are so many people to thank right now.
Follow the BBC bitesize lessons including a video to watch to help you construct a letter. You now need to think about who you are going to thank. Will it be someone in your house, someone in the community, or even someone who has been on TV.


3. Call someone on the telephone. It is lovely to get a call from a friend or relative that you haven’t spoken to in a while. It might be an elderly relative, a classmate. You might want to think of a joke to tell them, to cheer them up!


4. Art- The weather is amazing right now. Take advantage of the sun and draw some shadow art.
a. Option 1- Find some paper and find a 3d object to draw around the shadow it creates.
b. Option 2 requires a friend. Use chalk to draw around the shadow that your friend has cast. Does it change through the day if the stand in the same place?


5. Wellbeing.
Wear an outfit today that makes you happy. There are not as many occasions to dress up as there are normally, so wear something that makes you happy. It could be a hat, a fancy dress outfit or just your favourite top or t-shirt.


Next week is half term, so enjoy a bit of relaxation!
Mrs Joy, Mrs Worsley and Mr Patterson.