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Year 5/6

Year 5 Pyramid Challenge


Children in Year 5 were given the challenge this week of creating a Mayan Pyramid using just spaghetti and marshmallows!

Year 6 Science Investigation and Leopard Tortoise Drawing


A collection of photos from Year 6 showing the children this week taking part in an exciting science investigation and also getting to sketch real live Leopard Tortoises!

Year 5 First Wild


The children in Year 5 had a wild time during the first week of their First Wild experience!

This project is designed to give the children basic outdoor skills, whilst also teaching them to care about their environment and the animals that we share it with.

Tortoise Visit in 5HG


The children of 5HG had an amazing experience when they got the opportunity to look after a tortoise!

VIP in 6NF


6NF had a special visitor when baby Fin came to spend time with them.

Year 6 Outdoor Games


6SP spent the afternoon teaching the children in 2KB fun outdoor games.

Year 6 Outdoor Learning


The children of 6NF completed an exciting outdoor learning task with their reading buddies in 3/4MS.