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Work Linked to Maths No Problem Workbook Summer 2

Key Maths Skills for Y3


These are some key parts of the Y3 Maths curriculum


  • Multiplication and Division facts for the 3x table, 4x table and 8 x table.


Play matching games with calculations and the answers, throw a dice and times it by a number, find interactive games online, make up a song to remember a particular times table or make up a game.


  • Addition of two three digit numbers including carrying tens.


  • Subtraction of two three digit numbers including where a ten has to be ‘borrowed’.


  • Tell the time to the nearest minute including am and pm.
  • Use money in addition and subtraction calculations and finding change.

Kahoot quizzes


Children need to click the links below to play the quizzes. It is ok to use your real name so that your teacher can see your score. (Only the Year 3 teachers will have access to this information). 


Time quiz  - pin number 0316347


Times tables - pin number 0917003


Year 3 Money - pin number  0692867