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Week beginning 29/06/20

Year 6

Happy Wednesday to the Amazing year 6

Wow can you believe that it is the 1st July.

As it is our virtual sports day can you complete one of the challenges?

1. standing long jump-Make sure you warm up first!

 Find a tape measure and set it up anywhere in your house or garden (as seen below in the photo) 2. Create a start line. This could be a line of pegs, shoe, towel or item of clothing 3. You have three attempts to see how far you can perform a STANDING long jump then upload your best score. Once you have completed a challenge, head to to submit your score (in seconds or cm if it is a time or measurement challenge).

2.Let’s find your inner creativity In the style of Wassilly Kandinsky, draw a range of emotions and feelings Happy Sad Excited Scared or Tired With each one, think about which shapes and colours would work best for each one and how you relate to that emotion or feeling. Watch the clip about Kandinsky and then create your own let your inspiration run wild!

3. Fun Maths follow the link and play the games mental maths train and arithmetic practice then choose ones of your own  

4.I want you to research where we fit into the solar system you can do this through  a power point presentation fact file or poster or even  a song if you’re feeling musical today

5. Today is National ice cream day design and create your own ice cream inspiration and then post on our face book page yummy!

Monday29th June

I hope that you have an awesome weekend the weather ahs certainly been changeable sunshine one minute and then lightening.

Can you believe that we will be soon having July challenges?

Here are the start of this weeks challenges have fun!

Friday riddle fun answers I hope you enjoyed creating your own

What fruit can you never cheer up? A blueberry

Where would you take a sick boat? The Docks

What did the zero say to the eight? I like your belt

1.Ever wondered how a salad was invented and where our food comes from?

Follow the link to find out and then create your own yummy healthy salad! please post your creations yummy!

Follow the link if you want to find out about oth er recipes remember that if you are vegetarian like me you can swap any meat for quorn or vegetarian alternatives and remember that if you want to make any of these then get an adult to help with any of the cooking things.

or you could write out  asset of instructions for an adult to follow.


2.Alert Origami challenge

Choose one from below:

Challenge Cow face

Tricky  Duck

Remember adults you will need to skip any adds!

3.Today’s recipe is a delicious lemon drizzle cake to eat after your healthy salad.

Remember to get an adult to help you with the oven

4. Kahoot it quiz time don’t forget that you can also design and make your own! Can you name the movie by listening to the sound tracks? Game PIN: 07389611

5.It is international mud day today I know how interesting! But more on  national celebration days tomorrow is  meteor day  click onto the link to find out about meteors and then create a power point presentation, fact file or poster to tell others about what you have found out. I know that Hornsaclose will be interested in your findings