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Breakfast & After School Club Feedback

Rise & Shine / Stay & Play 

(Breakfast / After School Club)


" Thank you for providing a safe and fun environment for my child to come to after school, its difficult to find somewhere we are happy to leave her whilst we both work, We are extremely thankful to all of the staff at the club "


" Can I suggest that the club stays open until 6pm, it's often a struggle to get there after work. Although I do fully understand that staff at the club need to get home "


" The breakfast club is great - however it would be nice if we had a copy of the staffing list as I still don't know some of their names "


" My child would enjoy having access to a computer "


" Than you so much, having a club like this really helps working parents like myself to help our day run much more smoothly "


" A more flexible approach would be helpful - having to book in at the beginning of term sometimes doesn't work - if something crops up, like an appointment, I might need to change/add days on " 


We introduced Breakfast and After School club in Spring Term 2016, the clubs having gone from strength to strength with the numbers increasing term on term. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to the children at our school. Through the questionnaires we received back 100% of parents said that their child enjoys attending the club and that they are happy with the service.