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Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to Hornsea Mere. We looked carefully at the freshwater lake and drew a map of the area including Swan Island in the centre. We also saw lots of different birds and their habitat such as Swans, Ducks and  Geese. Then we investigated and recorded all of the different activities you can do at The Mere such as rowing, sailing, putting and fishing.

Our Year 4 Easter Concert about 'The Three Trees.'

Year 4 visited St Nicholas Church for an Easter Service.

All about Rivers.

World Maths Day activities

Design and Technology Day 'Steady Hand Games'

'Mothers and others Day' cards

Year 4 really enjoyed designing and making a 'Steady Hand Game' during our very busy Design and Technology day. We had to use our knowledge of electrical circuits and creative skills to make a game for others to play. Is your hand steady enough to move an electrical wand along a wire without making a buzzer ring? Come a try our games!

Red Nose Day 2023

British Science Week March 2023

British Science Week  March 2023

'Making Connections'

Year 4 Were asked to design and make a wind turbine that was strong enough to lift up a secret message in a cup . How many blades on the wind mill were needed? What was the secret message? ... Science is FUN!

World Book Day 2023

'Let's Learn together' morning for Mental Health week

4SB had fun during our 'Let Learn together' morning with our parents and carers to celebrate Mental Health week. We made 'Mood Monsters,' relaxed during a 'Calm me' session and just enjoyed spending time together.

Does Sparta exist ?

Year 4 loved exploring Google maps to locate different places such as towns, cities and countries we have talked about in our Ancient Greece History topic.

We asked ... Does Sparta exist in real life ? Is there a maze or labyrinth in Crete?  ...                 (Yes they do exist !) 

4SB visited The Hub and Hornsea Library.

'Eureka!' We've found it!

Year 4 tested the Ancient Greek Archimedes Principle in our Science lesson. What happens to the water in a jug when you add a set number of cubes to it? What happens if you change the formation of the cubes? We recorded the results carefully.

Making Greek pottery

4SB enjoyed finding out about Ancient Greek pottery and designing our own Greek pot using terracotta coloured clay. Making and attaching the handles on each pot was very tricky!

We enjoyed tasting Greek food as part of out Ancient Greek History topic.

Ancient Greek History.

Year 4  enjoyed their first day of the Spring term ...Greek dancing, writing using the Greek alphabet and tasting lots of lovely Greek food as part of our Ancient Greek History topic.