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Homework Survey (May 2017)


"  I don't feel the children learn much from the current homework system "


" The children do so much work whilst at school that I feel the week spelling, reading & Maths is enough "


" I would like more academic homework sending home for my child "


" The current homework system works for us - we struggle with time weekly due to work so the current system allows us to fit it in when we can "


" Learn it's and spellings are fine "


" I like the homework system as my child enjoys us doing it together "


" I would like you to continue with the termly based project but also send home weekly Maths and English homework " 


78 questionnaires were returned to school for us to look through. We found a very mixed response regarding our current homework format. Many parents stated that they enjoy doing the termly projects with the children along side the weekly spelling, Maths and reading practise that they do with their children. Many other parents wanted English and Maths homework for their children in addition to the week spelling, Maths and reading practise. EYFS parents all like the 'homelink' tasks. 


As a result of our findings we have decided to make the half termly homework projects optional and offer 1 piece of maths homework and 1 piece of english available as 'extra' homework if the children want to do it - either in a classroom homework tray or via the website - this will be for parents to do alongside their children as enrichment and will not be expected to be returned to school.