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15.06.20  Safety in the Sun and Activities

This week we are learning 2 trigraphs, (3 letters that make 1 new sound)

 air and ear and  learning to distinguish between the graphemes and d, when writing and reading.  (A grapheme is the written representation of a sound).

Let's look at the 2 trigraphs first.



Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Letter Teams - AIR and EAR

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Alphablocks is the hit CBeebies TV show helping children learn to...

After you have watched the "Alphablocks" video, try to remember the air word.  

At first it just had an in front of it.  (The sound "f" is made by placing your front teeth on your bottom lip and blowing, practice by saying 5 fish).  What word is that?  (Say the sounds and then blend them together by saying them faster and faster),    f air   fair

Next it was joined by the word fun which stood in front of it.  What does the 7 letter word say?funfair


Now read the these questions and tell your adult, your answer using a full sentence.


1  Do you like to go to the funfair?

2. Do you have a favourite ride at the funfair?  What is it?

3.  Can you think of 3 sounds that you can hear at the funfair?  What are they?


Now draw a picture of your favourite ride at the funfair and write about all the fun of the fair.  You can use these sentence starters if you wish,  I like to go to the funfair because .........  My favourite ride at the funfair is ............ because it ...................

At the funfair I can hear ..................... You can always record your replies to the questions and send them to me, if you would prefer.

We can't wait to hear from you, so please post on the Facebook page.

I wonder if your favourite ride, is the same as mine?  







Learning to Read: The difference between b and d

Beginning readers and writers often struggle with the letters b and d. This activity will show the difference between these two letters as well as how to rec...

and can easily be confused when you are first learning to read and to write.  Watch the clip below as it gives some helpful tips on how to remember, which one is which.  It also asks at the the end for you to close your eyes and to write the word bed

If after watching the clip, and listening to the song you can do this correctly, you have learned something important.



The B-D Song - for young children with letter reversals

This song is meant to help children with B-D reversals by having them create a "bed" with their hands so that the "b" is at the beginning and the "d" is at t...