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Keeping Our Children Safe

Keeping our children safe at Hornsea Community Primary School.


Below is a list of the many things done at our school to ensure the safety of all children.

  • Adherence of all staff and volunteers to all HCPS policies – including safeguarding, anti-bullying, intimate care, lost child, health and safety - please see “policies” tab for more details

  • Robust reporting and recording systems and procedures

  • Designated Child Protection Officer – posters up around school and on website to remind children and staff

  • “Worry boxes” (2) sited in different areas in school and also one on school website for children to access (all monitored daily by CPO)

  • Annual safeguarding training for all school staff; all staff receive online training and whole school updates on a regular basis

  • De-escalation and positive handling training / Team Teach training for staff

  • Security of school site – perimeter fencing and gates, fenced area for our youngest children, secure door entry system and signing in procedure, a modern fire alarm system, CCTV

  • Regular site safety checks

  • All staff wear identification badges

  • Strict signing-in procedure for all visitors (all to wear badges)

  • Safeguarding information given to all visitors on site

  • CRB checks for all staff and regular volunteers

  • Attendance registers closely monitored – phone calls home if a child does not arrive if we do not know the reason for the lateness/absence

  • Fire registers closely monitored and regular fire drills to ensure all staff and pupils are aware of procedures to follow

  • Designated First-Aiders on site and First Aid Room manned at all times

  • Strict policy and procedures on reporting First Aid incidents to parents/carers/health professionals

  • E-Safety action plan and team responsible for this (see E-Safety tab for further information)

  • E-safety training for all staff

  • Regular E-safety lessons for all children

  • E-safety sessions for parents/carers

  • Internet filtering system in school/Smoothwall

  • Regular visits by the Fire Service and Police Officers to talk to children

  • Road Safety awareness training

  • Cycling proficiency training

  • St John Ambulance First Aid training for children

  • Annual visits from RNLI and Hornsea Inshore Rescue to deliver water/beach safety training

  • Be Safe in the Sun annual assemblies

  • NSPCC assemblies

  • PSHCE lessons covering variety of safety-related subjects

  • Explicit and regular teaching of British Values

  • PREVENT strategy leaflet available for parents/carers

  • Swimming lessons for children in Year 3 (and any children in Year 4 who did not participate in Year 3)

  • Behaviour Policy shared with staff, children and parents/carers – consistent application of this

  • Risk Assessments for all off-site activities and trips

  • Uniform policy