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We had a great time in the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas. We read lots of Christmas stories, made Christmas cards and calendars, invited our families to join us for Christmas crafts, learned Christmas songs with Makaton signs and had a brilliant Christmas party.

Using Technology: Autumn 2

This half term we have been practising using different forms of technology and learning how they can help us. We have practised making phone calls, changed batteries and used our programming skills to move the Beebots to certain places. We enjoyed using the computers to find out information and learned how to to type, change font colours and sizes as well as printing and saving our work. We also enjoyed a visit to Memorial Gardens when we were learning about Remembrance and we celebrated Children in Need by decorating biscuits with a spotty pattern.

Taking Care of Ourselves: Autumn 1

This half term our topic has been 'Taking care of myself' and we read the book 'Keeping Healthy.' As part of this we have focused on the importance of eating a healthy diet, we have learned about why exercise is good for us, we have talked about how to keep ourselves clean and why we need to do this, we have practised how to get ourselves dressed and we have learned about how to keep ourselves safe by learning to recognise people that we know and people who are strangers. We have taken part in lots of practical activities to help us and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We have also enjoyed visiting and exploring Woodland World. Each day we are working on social skills in our Chatterbugs sessions and we practise turn taking when we play a game at the end of every day. We also had fun taking part in some Halloween activities such as carving pumpkins.

The Orchard Morning Group

The Squirrels Who Squabbled: Autumn 1

This was a great story to help us learn about the changes that happen around us during Autumn but also about the value of being a kind friend. We enjoyed exploring Autumn leaves to help us write poetry and we had great fun taking part in Halloween activities such as carving pumpkins and making edible spiders.

Dear Dinosaur: Autumn 1

During this topic, we learned how to write a letter to a dinosaur. We practised using capital letters and full stops to tell the dinosaur facts about ourselves and we also learned how to use a question mark when we asked the dinosaur a question. In Maths, we have continued to work on our counting skills and finding one more and one less.

Mad about Minibeasts: Autumn 1

We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about different minibeasts after reading this story and had a wonderful time with our visitor, Mr Rotherham. He taught us lots of facts about worms, snails, ladybirds and woodlice and helped us to find some minibeasts in The Orchard garden. 

The Busy Tree: Autumn 1

As we returned to school in September, we used The Busy Tree as our topic story. We enjoyed learning about different types of trees, taking part in tree related art and craft activities and spent lots of time getting back into our school timetable after a long Summer holiday at home.