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Computing - Autumn Term



In Computing this term the children in Keystage 2 have been using safe searching skills to find information and to understand that the information that they may find online is not always correct. They have looked at ways of finding the most accurate data that they can. Year's 5 & 6 have had open floor sessions on 'Internet Safety' during  PSHCE  and then created presentations on the 'Pros and Cons' of the Apps that they are using on a regular basis. They have discussed why it is important not to post personal information online and that only suitable images with permission should be posted. In groups the children have discussed the consequences and what to do if they should feel uncomfortable with anything that they see or hear online.

Year 3/4 children have started to develop their ICT skills in making presentations about themselves.

Autumn Term Two has seen the children in Keystage 2 developing their programming skills. They have coded toys, all singing and dancing Christmas trees and Santas flying across a night sky. The children in Year 5 have started to code using HTML and the Year 6 children have begun 'Unit 2' in HTML which follows on from a previous lesson in Year 5.