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Week beginning 08/06/20

This week we shall be remembering these 2 signs

+ and -

+ means add, when we add, the numbers get bigger.

- means take away, (subtract), when we take away, the numbers get smaller.

Can you make a number line from 1 ending at 10, ending at 15 or ending at 20?  You choose. Practise counting forwards along your number line, moving your finger as you count.  Start slowly, making sure that the number that you are saying, is the number that your finger is near.  This is counting 1 for 1 and is important.

Now try to answer these questions using your number line.  Read the number sentence first.  Now think what you have to do - find the 5 and count on 3.  On what number are you now?  Say it out loud and show that many fingers.

5 + 3 =          

4 + 2 =          

7 + 3 =          

Once you are confident with these, now try this one.  Look carefully at the sign

9 - 3 =   Did you go forwards or backwards on your numberline?

Did the number get bigger or smaller?