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05. 05. 20

Today’s extra challenge is ‘Climbing Bugs’. 


Step 1. Draw a bug on some card or inside of a cereal box. They can go outside to be inspired by real insects. Draw the eyes and mouth separate.

Step 2. Cut out your bug and cut out the eyes and mouth, stick the eyes and mouth on.

Step 3. Tape a coin (as a weight) and two parallel straws to the back.

Step 4. Thread some string up the bottom of one straw and down through the top of the other.

Step 5. Tie a bead or paper clips to each end of the string to keep it from slipping through.

Step 6. Loop the insect over a door handle or hook. With you hands apart, you can use a simple see-sawing motion to gently guide the climber to the top of the string.