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Week 11 22.06.20

YEAR 2    26.06.20 

Hello Year 2!

I hope you have enjoyed the sun this week- whilst keeping sun safe of course! It has been glorious! It is our last day of Paddington work today. I will miss learning all these facts about him, including the fact that it was his birthday yesterday! I have also loved seeing all of your amazing work. Let’s hope the sun stays out for your activities today.


Now, you know a lot about Paddington, but how much do you know about Aunt Lucy in Peru? We know she lives in the ‘Home for Retired Bears’, but I wonder what it is like there? Is it in the jungle or in the city do you think? What do you think she does there? If you researched Peru, maybe you found out some facts about Lima, which is the address of the home. Can you write a letter from Aunt Lucy in Peru to Paddington in London? The letter could be replying to his postcard which you wrote a few weeks ago. Can you tell Paddington about some of the things Aunt Lucy has been doing at home?  You can use your imagination for this!

Set out your letter like this (if you can, try to write Aunt Lucy’s address on the top right as she is the one who is sending it):


                                                                                                                                                Aunt Lucy

The Home for Retired Bears





Dear Paddington,

I am pleased you are having a nice time with the Brown family.



From Aunt Lucy




Here is a fun Friday Maths activity to finish the week. Work out your brain and your body with this Jack Hartmann ‘Workout and Count’ video, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

If you enjoyed this, you could do it again! Alternatively, practise your number bonds to 10 with this Jack Hartmann song.

(Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Have fun!

(Don’t forget, there are lots of Maths activities on the school website, in the Year 2 Maths home learning folder. If there is anything you feel you need more work on from this year, have a look in there and see if you can find an activity to help you.)



Please practise your spellings dated 19.06.20 on the website- they are more homophones- two words which sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. Try writing your spelling words in a shape today- perhaps in the shape of a sun or a cloud, or even Paddington Bear!

Then complete your spelling test from the website or using the link below.



When you get to Year 3, you will start to learn French. Learning a new language is really good fun! In Peru, where Aunt Lucy lives, the official language is Spanish. Have a listen to these Spanish children using the BBC Bitesize link below. They are playing a game similar to ‘Granny’s Footsteps’ and counting to 10. Can you learn how to count to 10 in Spanish using this video?

Here is a link to a short Jack Hartmann video with Spanish numbers from 1-10 to help you to learn them.

As you will be learning French with me in Year 3, here is a sneak preview of a song teaching you the numbers from 1-20 in French. We use songs a lot in our French lessons and the children really enjoy this one! Can you learn the numbers from 1-10 in French using this song? Maybe you will learn them to 20! Can you see any similarities between Spanish and French numbers to 10?

(Please watch both of these videos with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Challenge: can you find out how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in Spanish and French?


Although the official language of Peru is Spanish, traditionally the language of the native Inca people, who lived in the Andes Mountains in Peru, was Quechua. The Inca Empire was featured in the Disney animated film ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. Have a listen to this traditional Peruvian song sung in Quechua, watch the moves and dance along! (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Did you notice the person playing the pan pipes? If you have been collecting bottles or straws over the last few weeks, you will need them next week for a DT/Music activity to make these!

Another idea in case we have a rainy afternoon tomorrow... Why don’t you watch a family film like Paddington, Paddington 2, or The Emperor’s New Groove? I think I might do that to cheer myself up in the rain!

I hope you enjoy your last day of Paddington Bear and Peru. Have a great weekend!

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    24.06.20 

Hello Year 2!

Well what a lovely week it is and it looks set to continue until Friday! It was the summer solstice at the weekend, meaning we had the most hours of daylight. I hope you are getting outside lots and enjoying the sunshine this week. Hopefully you can do today’s activities outside!

Here they are...


Think back to the story of Paddington. You could read the story again- maybe sit outside and read it. Perhaps you could make a den in the garden if it is too sunny! Here is a link to the original animation of Paddington if you would like to watch this. It has the short scene where Mrs and Mrs Brown find Paddington at the station...

(Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Now choose one scene from the story and draw the characters with speech bubbles coming out of their mouths. Can you write the words they might be saying in the speech bubbles? You could look at the story and take words from inside the speech marks to put in the speech bubbles, or you could make up your own. Challenge: can you add thought bubbles to show what the characters might be thinking too? There are examples of speech bubbles and thought bubbles at the bottom.


This is a nice activity to do outside or in a den in your garden. Can you play a board game with your teddies or another person in your house and keep score of who wins? You could have a tournament so the best out of 3 or 5 games is the winner! Any game will work for this so have a look for your favourite board games at home. A good game for adding up is Scrabble if you have it, as you can keep score of points for words too. Please share any pictures of you having fun in the garden playing your games!


Please practise your spellings dated 19.06.20 on the website- they are more homophones- two words which sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. Maybe if you have some water in the garden you could try spelling your words in water on a path, patio or fence. See if you can write each word before it dries out in the sun!



Paddington almost always wears the same clothes- a hat, coat and sometimes wellington boots. Did you notice what he was wearing if you watched the original animation? Was there anything different about his outfit? Can you design a new outfit for Paddington? What could Paddington wear in the summer when it is a hot day like today? What could he wear on a cold winter’s day, perhaps when it is snowing? Can you draw Paddington wearing his new outfit or outfits and clearly label his new items of clothing? I look forward to seeing your designs!


We definitely need to stay outside for this activity. Can you make an obstacle course in the garden? Try to go over, under and around things. It could include garden furniture, toys, blankets, your den, and even a paddling pool if you have one! You could even make two obstacle courses to race someone else in your house, if you can. Remember to be safe while you are doing it!

Have a brilliant day in the sunshine!

Mrs Burton

YEAR 2    22.06.20 

Hello Year 2!

I hope you have had a great weekend. At last we got some sunshine again, as well as an exciting storm! This week is your final week of Paddington activities so I hope that you enjoy them. We will move onto a different theme next week.

Here are today’s challenges...


Paddington Bear got his name from Paddington Station in London, where he was found. Have a look at the London Underground map (shown below) by using this link It is also called the ‘Tube’. Why do you think this is? Can you find Paddington Station on the map? Look at the names of the other stations- which station names would make good names for animals? Choose 3 of your toys and find new names for them which suit their personalities from the London Underground map. Can you write an explanation about why you have chosen each of those names?


Train Time Problem Solving

Have a go at solving these train related time problems. You could use the clocks that you made a couple of weeks ago to help!

  1. My train left Hull at 9am and arrived in Paddington Station at 1pm. How long did it take for me to get there?
  2. The train broke down for half an hour on the way so how long would it have taken me to get there if that hadn’t happened?
  3. It took Paddington Bear 20 minutes to get from Paddington Station to Notting Hill Gate. He got on the tube at 1.10pm. What time did he arrive at Notting Hill Gate?
  4. What time would he have set off and arrived if he had got the tube 5 minutes later?
  5. I was meant to catch the train at 5.15pm but I arrived at the station 10 minutes late. What time did I arrive at the station?


  1. I went to visit my friend in Edinburgh. I needed to get the train from Hull to York, then from York to Edinburgh. The first part of my journey took 1 hour and 5 minutes and the second part took 2 hours and 35 minutes. How long did the whole train journey take?


Please practise your spellings dated 19.06.20 on the website- they are more homophones- two words which sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things.


Your phonics split digraph this week is o-e. Can you identify which o-e words are shown in each of the pictures below? Now write some sentences using these words. See if you can think of any more o-e words and write some sentences with those too.



Paddington Station is part of the London Underground network. Can you explore the London Underground (Tube) map on

What colour line is Paddington Station on? Can you use the key to find out the name of the line? How many stops is it from Paddington to Baker Street? How could you get from Paddington to Great Portland Street which is on a different line? (Clue: the circles mean that you can change lines at those stations). Can you find the names of the stations you chose for your toys and work out how you could get from Paddington Station to those stations? See if you can write some simple instructions for Paddington Bear on how to get from Paddington Station to Notting Hill Gate Station, so he can get home to Windsor Gardens! (Clue: he can use more than one line to get there).


In celebration of the sun coming back out this week, here is a sunny Cosmic Kids yoga activity- ‘Hello Sun Fun’. (Please remember to watch with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on YouTube).

Maybe you could also do some yoga in the garden?

I hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine!

Mrs Burton