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Summer Mini Beasts, Plants and Colours


The observing and understanding of pattern,  plays a very important role in a child's mathematical development.  We adults often take it for granted, but children benefit from our drawing attention to it and using the "Language of Pattern".  For example, before, after, follow, next, start, finish, copy, repeat, lines, loops, spots, zig-zags, shape, colour.

Furthermore, it allows for comparison,

big/little   straight/curved   thick/thin

same/different   tall/short.


Repeat Patterns - can your child observe a pattern then copy it?  (Repeat it).  Can they say what would come next? Are they confident with 2 colours, or 3 colours, or more?

Try the Lego Six Brick Challenge, contained in the booklet available to download from the link, on the page headed Pattern.  This will give you an insight of your child's understanding of pattern; in order that you can move their learning on.  (The Booklet is a goldmine of useful information and activities which I hope you find helpful and fun, not just for patterns).



Butterflies have beautiful patterns on their wings.  The patterns are exactly the same on their pairs of wings.  This is called symmetry.

We have used the symmetry tool in the ICT suite, it is the icon with one vertical line, down the middle.  If you remember, you draw one half and the computer copies you exactly.

Follow the link below, to make a beautiful symmetrical butterfly pattern.