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Science from Home


The documents below provides a number of opportunities for exploring the world through science, which we encourage you to have a go at whilst learning at home. 


Please keep in mind the current government recommendations when looking at any suggestions and the links. This resource comes with the strong caveat not to go for a walk, to stay home and stay safe, to regard health and safety and supervise the children during any science activity.

To help you keep track

Living Things Summer 1 Week 2

Living Things Summer 1 Week 3

Living Things Summer 1 Week 4

Extra Information to help you this week (11.05.20)

Living Things Summer 1 Week 18.05.20

A Little Extra Science!

You do not need to print this out.  Read the passage and insert the missing  word.  When you reread it have you used the same word too many times?  Now see if you can find any informations about how the Celts lived.

Summer 2 Week 6 06.07.20

Summer 2 Week 7

Another little project for you to have a go at.