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The Royal Coronation of King Charles III

Check out or great art work and attend the amazing street part in Hornsea.

Dress up and see if you can win a prize!!!!

The King's Coronation

Sewerby Hall sad news

Year 3 were upset at the passing of Sewerby zoos oldest penguin after our resent visit.

She was called Rosie and lived to a great age of 33 years old.


Pupils decided to create a card with little message for the keepers to read. Mr Hutson kindly delivered the card for us.



Rosie the oldest penguin at Sewerby Hall

Red Nose day 17th March 2023


We enjoyed raising money for 'Red Nose Day' pupils were informed of all the great causes that their donations are used to support.

A total of £827.44 was raised throughout the day amazing!!!


Thank you for your continued support

PTFA disco


The PTFA love to have a dance and play games.

our children really enjoyed themselves dancing, completing artwork and quizzes.

Especially enjoying special treats


Thank you to the PTFA and school staff we raised £1034 that will go towards ICT equipment and Maths story books for all pupils to use Amazing!!!!

Tesco Token Scheme


We have been lucky enough to be selected into the blue token scheme at Tesco in Hornsea.

The money received will go towards the outside learning space in EYFS.

Hornsea Lions presents HCPS with a Defibrillator


The Lions of Hornsea came into school to present us with our very own defibrillator that was received by Year 3 and Mrs Simmonite.


They have raised money for each Primary school in the area to have their own defibrillator.

 great big thankyou to the Lions for their continued support.

Children in Need.


As always the pupils enjoyed dressing up and celebrating Children in need.

It is a time to reflect on charity and how we can make a difference.


Pupils created special book marks, artwork as well as Pudsey English and Maths.

A great day was had by all


Thank you for your donations and continued support