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Week 3 20.04.20

Day 4

Hi Year Two!

Here are your last set of challenges before the weekend. It is so lovely to see the wonderful work you are doing at home so keep the photos coming!


Could you help an adult to prepare a meal today or over the weekend? Perhaps you could help make a sandwich for lunch or make your own toast for breakfast. Remember to be careful and ask an adult to help you.


Join in with the Supermovers and practise your 2, 5 and 10 times table using

Then have another go on Times Table Rockstars.


Can you write out your spellings in pyramid writing?

E.g. helpless =










What happened next in the picture below? Can you write a description to tell us what you think is going to happen? This is called a prediction when we use what we know about the world to help us have a guess. There is no right or wrong answer.



Can you have a go at this week’s reading challenge? How many words can you read in one minute? The target for a child in year two is approximately 90 words per minute!

DAY 3:


Hello Year 2! We hope you are all okay and you’re all staying safe!  We have put another set of challenges together for you to have a go at!



Play a game of ‘I went to the shop and bought’ with a family member. Try to list things in alphabetical order and see how many things you can remember in a row!


I went to the shop and bought… an avocado, an avocado and a banana, an avocado, a banana and some carrots … etc.



Log on to PhonicsPlay using the username: march20 and the password: home.

Play Obb and Bob using all the Phase 5 sounds. Children need to say the words and decide to feed them to Bob if they are a ‘real’ word and feed them to Obb if they are ‘fake’ or ‘nonsense’ words.



Have a go at one of the Practical activities on the Maths page on our school website.

There are a range of activities including some fun baking recipes and building challenges!



See if you can join in the lava zone! Follow the instructions on the video to make an exciting obstacle course in your home or garden. Just remember to make sure you’re in a safe place before you start and ask a grown up to help you set up your course, so you don’t step on anything you’re not supposed to!



Have a go at warming up your voices using ChoonBaboon: (remember we cannot control adverts on YouTube so please watch with an adult).

Once you’ve warmed up your voice, see if you create your own warm up using silly phrases – can you add clapping like we did in lesson?

Or you could even create your own song using things you can see around you!


We hope you have a wonderful day! From Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Midgley and Mrs Burton.

DAY 2:



Hello Year 2! Here are your next set of challenges. Please remember to check out the school website for other activities and helpful links!



Play categories with someone in your house. How many items can you each list in the following categories? Who can get the most? Can you work together, taking it in turns and seeing how many you can think of?

  • Vegetables
  • Colours
  • Things that use electricity
  • Things that fly
  • Sports
  • Farm animals
  • Items you might find in a bathroom



Focus on the sound ‘ay’ (as in ‘play’) How many words of one syllable can you think of? How many of two syllables? Can you think of any words with 3 or more syllables? If you need a little reminder of syllables, try the video on (remember we cannot control the adverts so watch with an adult).



Can you write the fact families for these groups of numbers? Remember a fact family is 4 calculations which all use the same 3 numbers. For example;

3 + 9 = 12

9 + 3 = 12

12 – 9 = 3

12 – 3 = 9


  1. 2, 5, 7
  2. 9, 5, 14
  3. 23, 3, 26
  4. 10, 5, 50
  5. 2, 9, 18



Can you follow The Vamps in their dance routine on Supermovers?



What is kindness? Are there different types of kindness? Can you be kind with your words? Can you be kind with your actions? Is it sometimes difficult to be kind? How do you feel when you have been kind? Can you explain it to someone in your house? Could you draw a picture to show what kindness is?



We hope you have a wonderful day! From Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Midgley and Mrs Burton.




Welcome back, Year 2! We hope you have had a lovely couple of weeks and have had chance to enjoy the good weather a bit! Here are a few activities to get you started again!



Revise your spellings here: and select the spellings given out before the Easter break (therefore dated 03.04.20 on the link) You can follow this up by learning more about suffixes at the following link:



The answer is 50. What could my question be? Can you think of questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division? Can you create a word problem using sentences?



The ‘ue’ sound is amongst our trickier ones. Can you look at the grid below and decide which ‘ue’ words are real and which are nonsense words? See if you can put the real words into a sentence each.



Explore Cosmic Yoga workouts/stories on Youtube. (Use Youtube only with an adult)



Can you create something brilliant out of a pebble?