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Monday 13th July 2020


Please find below the Facebook postings for this week.  They are also available on the school Facebook website.


Monday 6th July 2020

Please find the Facebook Challenges for this week.  They also appear on the school Facebook page.

Monday 29th June 2020

Please find below the documents for this week which will appear on our school Facebook page.

Monday 22nd June 20

Please find below FB Challenges for today.

Magical Monday 8th June 2020.

Dear Year Three,

Thought I would try a different way of presenting the challenges today.  Sometimes it is good to have a little change.  Last week I was the change this week it is the word arrangement.  Click on the document below and have fun today and tomorrow.

Mrs Close,Mr White,Mrs Wortley and Miss Cox( they are looking forward to checking out your splendid work.) 

Use if you want to print but not necessary as you can copy from the screenshots below!

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Friday 12th June 2020

 Marvellous Monday 15th June 2020

Only going to post Monday for today as a document and as a screenshot.  Your teachers do look forward to seeing your work.

Wondering Wednesday 17th June 2020

Sorry I seem to have misplaced the document for this day!  Luckily the pictures are still on Facebook so please look there if you need to complete the challenges.


Fantastic Friday 05.06.20

Good Morning Year 3

These days seem to be whizzing by-why it doesn't seem five minutes since I last wrote to you! Hope that you are feeling fine and still smiling.

Challenge Friday;

Number 1

Lockdown Bucket List

1. All the family can join in with this one or you can do it on your own . You will need piece of paper or card and some different colours to write with(this is if other people are doing it too so you can tell the difference between all the lists

2 You might need time to think about the task first so find a quiet place for five minutes-create a list of things you want to do during Lockdown:- bake a cake, read ten books, identify five trees by their leaves, learn to play cards, tie your shoelaces, in fact anything you like.

3. Write down neatly and keep on view so everyone can see it. This will help to remind you and your family of what you are hoping to achieve. Tick it off when complete . Up to you how long you do it for -a day(intense) a week or a month.


Number 2

Family Trip to -the circus!

This is not just any old circus but a Canadian world famous one.

When: Friday 5pm

Where: Youtube

Who : Cirque De Soleil

Title: Be Amazed

There are some posted up already from previous weeks but there is a new one every Friday.

I watched the show called Kurios -what word does tha remind you of?

At 27 minutes I was truly amazed but do not try to do this at home!


Number 3

Art Challenge

Challenge to draw with your feet!

Put down something to protect the floor-vital if you don't want to get into trouble.


Paper, drawing equipment- felt tips might be the easiest to begin with but only if you have protected the floor.

Aim to draw your face then try a tree or a house.

Does it make any difference which foot you use? If you are right handed is your right foot better to use? Try both. Get the family to join in!


Number 5

Sock Challenge

How many pairs of socks can you get to stay in a tower formation for at least a minute?

How high does it go?

How many socks do you use altogether?

Which layout gives the support?

All socks must be re-paired and returned to the correct place!

Number 6


Riddle of the Week

How do you spell COW in 14 letters?


Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday.

Mrs Close, Mr White, Mrs Wortley and Miss Cox

Wonderful Wednesday 03.06.20


Calling Year 3,

Good morning and hope this finds you well. I feel really lucky and honoured to have been asked to help out by your teachers . I realise it won't quite be the same but I will try my very best to keep you busy! I am having a really bad hair time and I don't want to scare you so I will post a written riddle on a Friday. I have popped some tasks on the website too .

Wonderful Wednesday Challenges:-

  • If it is raining see if your grown up will let you stand outside under an umbrella. Does it smell differently outside? How loud is it ? Can you describe the sound? If you can't go outside watch it through the window-what do you notice . Watch a raindrop on the glass can you follow it down the window? Can you see any spider webs perhaps around your window? Jot down some words to describe the rain in the shape of a raindrop or a puddle.
  • Find a book or comic in your house that you haven't read for ages. Read it again and then create a poster to make others want to read it without giving the plot away.
  • How are your fitness levels? Did you start off doing Joe Wicks -are you still doing P E with Joe? Find him on Youtube -get your grown up to do it with you Well I am! It will make you feel positive and energised. Well done if you are still doing P E with Joe! Try a BBC Bitesize Super Movers.
  • Brush your teeth with wrong hand! So if you are right handed do it with your left. How does it feel?
  1. Weather Watching- You may need to ask an adult to help you find a weather report ,the ones that give you the weather hour by hour. Make a note of weather,temperature,rain for about five hours. Now you are going make your prediction underneath Smiley face if you think they are correct or sad face if you think they are wrong. Who was right you or the forecast? Tick it if you predicted correctly-no cheating! What was the highest percent chance of rain?

Are there other things you could do today with the
other hand? Brush your hair,pick up your toys the list
is endless but it is good to train your brain!

Enjoy today and tomorrow and see you on Friday!

Mrs Close

Friday 22.05.20

Facebook Challenges 22.05.2020

Good morning to all Year 3 Children. I hope you’re all doing well and have been enjoying the sunshine! These will be your last challenges until after half term. We all hope that you have lots of fun and enjoy the beautiful weather. Please don’t forget to post pictures next week of what you have been getting up to as we still want to see them.

1. Mrs Larsen bought Luna a book that is just black and white pictures. When babies are born they can only really see in black and white and love to look at bold patterns! This helps their eyes get stronger and more able to see all the wonderful things going on around them (including my face)!

Can you make your own nursery rhyme or story and decorate/illustrate it in black and white. I will read any that you send to Luna!

2. As part of your topic work this week we have been looking at Explorers. Can you make an explorer trail around your house or garden? You could use personal objects from around the house make sure you ask first! Hide them and then write clues for your family to help them find them.

3. Know I must admit that Mr Patterson made a great challenge when he suggested to construct a parachute for an egg. I would like you all to build a parachute for an egg explorer. Amy Eggson or Sir Walter Eggiegh. Explorers need parachutes. But they also need something to help them float if they land in water. Can you, using household objects create a raft for them to survive any rapids?

4. Create your every own West End production!

The school has very kindly been granted access to ‘The National Theatre’ online database where they have uploaded recordings of lots of different plays. For the foreseeable future they have extended access to not only include the school but parents at home. All you need to do is go to: click on National Theatre Collection and then enter the log in details:

Log in: 5Jxw6Xy*w!

Password: 2uv(4Jr#a!

As I said there are plenty of plays to choose from and each play has a suggested age rating and notes about it.

So draw the curtains and get comfortable (cramped leg room is optional), get your snacks ready and enjoy a slice of drama from the West End!

5. Finally, my new obsession comes from something that I miss greatly and I know I am not alone. Sports! Where have they all gone? Well in order to fill this void I have found this –

Just watch some of the videos (There are adverts so please do watch responsibly but I think the races themselves are all fine!) and then just a favourite marble and watch them succeed or fail as they go through a full season of events.

Now your challenge isn’t just to watch a race. I want you to make your own race course. You could do it anywhere. Give your racers stories and personalities. Make it as exciting as you wish! All you need is some marbles and all sorts of obstacles. Please send videos and pictures of your marble racers.

Remember to stay safe and send us any pictures or videos of all the amazing things that you get up to!


Monday 18th May - Miss Cox

Here are your challenges for the next couple of days.
  1. What makes your happy? Draw yourself in the middle of a piece of paper and surround yourself with the things that make you happy.
  2. Make an obstacle course in the garden.
  3. Help an adult make a meal for your family.
  4. Make your own jigsaw...find a picture on the internet you like and print it off. Then turn it over and draw 'jigsaw pieces' on the back (this could just be straight lines to make it easier). Next cut out the pieces and turn them back over, Your jigsaw is now ready to complete.
  5. How many words can you make from the letters in 'Miss Cox is the best' 🙊🤣

Friday 15th May - Mr White


Here are your challenges for the next few days.


1. This week for topic work on the website you were looking at Yorkshire. Obviously we all know that it is the best county for many reasons but possibly the main reason is Yorkshire Puddings. I want you to make some Yorkshire Puddings. You will need a grown up to help you out. Show us your efforts below and I will judge you just like Paul Hollywood!


2. I want you to pick an activity! Any activity from the National Trusts 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4 list.…/50-things-to-do-before-y…

Tell us about the exciting thing you decided to do below!


3. As you may or may not know. History is one of my favourite subjects. I saw these recently (see the pictures in the comments below) and thought that you all could do better.

We have Stonehenge made from biscuits and Lancaster Castle made from toast. See how creative you can be and make a historical building from food (you could even make Bettison’s Folly).


4. Calling all Jacqueline Wilson fans! There is a competition currently being held by the ‘Foundling Musuem’. Where children have the opportunity to possibly illustrate and write a new Jacqueline Wilson story with lots of other children from around the country! All the information is found at the link below…

Calling all Hetty Feather fans! Have you ever wanted to be a writer or illustrator? Why not join us to complete Jacqueline’s new story – The Two New Foundlings – with lots of other children?

Inspired by the true story of the foundlings who grew up at the Foundling Hospital, Jacqueline has started a new story about two small children arriving at the Foundling Hospital with their foster mother.…/story-writing-illustratio…/


5. Many museums are currently offering lots of different ways to explore them from the comfort of your own home. My current favourite is the Natural History Museum. Here you can explore the museum virtually and there is even access to an audio commentary by Sir David Attenborough. Enjoy!…/the-nat…/yQHjHCmSOMKyhQ…

Wednesday 13th May - Mrs Wortley


1) Invent a new type of transport, it could be a bicycle with wings or a monorail installed in Hornsea to get from school to the beach. I really want to see your imagination go wild! Draw a picture or a diagram of your invention.

2) Write a paragraph or two to explain how your new form of transport works. You could also include information about what it is made from and where it will be used.

3) Have you looked at the BBC bite size material on the website yet? Have a go at the suffixes part for year 3 and then have a look at what else is available on there.

4) Keep learning your times tables. Have a go at the coconut multiples game in this link or use your own amazing ways of learning facts.

5) If you have a garden or you are able to go on a walk, use some natural things around you to make a picture.

Monday 11th May - Miss Cox


Here are your challenges for the next couple of days...


1. Do some Yoga. YouTube has lots of 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' videos which is yoga alongside a story. We have enjoyed these during PE lessons.

2. Learn a new skill...this could be anything you can't already do!

3. Practise your times tables (choose ones you do not feel confident with). You could go on Times Tables Rockstars, play Bingo, make up your own game, make up a song to help you remember.

4. Start a new book...what have you chosen?

5. If you haven't already done so, think of a question to ask Sam Copeland (The author of Charlie Turns into a Chicken). He is going to do a video for us answering YOUR questions!!

Friday 8th May - Mr White


Good morning to all the children of Year 3 especially the wonderful maggots of 3CW.

I am posting challenges today for you all as tomorrow is a bank holiday. I hope you are all well and I have enjoyed speaking to you and your grown-ups this week. As I am sure you are aware it is 75Th anniversary of VE day tomorrow. It stands for Victory in Europe and marks the day 75 years ago when the allies marked Victory against Germany in World War II. Mrs Simmonite has already put some lovely activities on the website for you to take part in. I think the idea of a stay at home street part is lovely. I hope you’ve all got your bunting and union jacks ready.


1. Plan your very own street party. You can make your street in your garden/hallway or anywhere inside your house. You will need invitations, food, decorations (which I know some of you have already been working on). Line the streets with people (teddies) and then play some music, dance and be merry!


2. To enjoy during your street party you are going to need something delicious to serve. Throughout the World War II, supplies and certain foods were rationed (it means that they were limited and you could only get them at certain times). Foods like meat and eggs were not easy to find. So people found ingenious ways to cope and still make the things that they liked like cake. In the comments below is a recipe for eggless sponge. Have a go at making it.


3. Who was Winston Churchill? The BBC are replaying a speech he gave 75 years ago. But why? Can you find out who he is and then tell us all about him. You could write a fact file about him and make sure you leave room for a picture…


4. Winston Churchill loved to paint. He mostly did landscapes but he found it very soothing and did it as often as he could. I would like you to either pick a landscape you can see (garden, street, or a view from your house) or pick somewhere you will go when there are less restrictions and paint or sketch that landscape. See below for one of Winston’s pictures. Please do check before you show the children as the results are from google.…


5. Finally, there is a planned sing – along to ‘We’ll meet again’ tomorrow night at 9pm. If it is not too late then I have posted the lyrics below so you can have a go at joining in:

We'll meet again

Don't know where

Don't know when

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Keep smiling through

Just like you always do

'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

So will you please say hello

To the folks that I know

Tell them I won't be long

They'll be happy to know

That as you saw me go

I was singing this song

We'll meet again

Don't know where

Don't know when

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

We'll meet again

Don't know where

Don't know when

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Keep smiling through

Just like you always do

'Til the blue skies

Drive the dark clouds far away

So will you please say hello

To the folks that I know

Tell them it won't be long

They'll be happy to know

That as you saw me go

I was singin' this song

We'll meet again

Don't know where

Don't know when

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day


If you search on YouTube there are plenty of versions to help you learn please do be careful of adverts.

If you make it all the way to the end of this post. Congratulations! It was a long one. As always comment below with pictures, comments and videos about what you have been up to. Enjoy VE day and have a great weekend.

Mr White, Mrs Hornsea Wortley, Miss Hornsea Cox and Mrs Hornsea Simmonite

Monday 4th May - Miss Cox


1. Decorate your house red, white and blue ready for VE day on Friday. You could make a flag, buntin, lettering or just pictures.
2. Build something....(anything of your choice)
3. Today is Star Wars one of the Star Wars films (May the fourth be with you! 😁)
4. How many words can you make from the letters in 'Star Wars'
5. Learn to count to 20 in French (or another language if you can already confidently do this!)


Friday 1st May - Mr White


1. Starry starry night… What is a shooting star? Can you do some research and find out about them and present it for us. You could make a poster/factfile/poem/video report.

2. Will you ‘measure up’… I would like you to have a go at learning about capacity. Can you find different containers in your house and see how many mls or litres that they hold? Have a play and try to measure lots of different amounts of liquids. (I would suggest heading outside or into the bath for this one).

What is the biggest unit of measurement for liquids?

3. Read Read Read! Bedtime stories have suddenly become very important in my house. I want you to make your own bedtime story. It could be for a younger sibling/cousin/nephew or niece or even your own grown-ups. It can be about absolutely anything unicorns, hippos, bananas or a flying oven! You can decorate it and share with the person you had in mind.

4. Keepy Uppy! I am obsessed with these different challenges about kicking socks in the air. Can you find a wide space away from any ornaments or things that might break? Then roll some socks up in a ball and see if you can complete these devious challenges.

a) catch and throw the socks 20 times in a row

b) play kick ups with socks for 10 times without it hitting the ground

c) throw the socks in the air and clap as many times as you can before you have to catch it again

5. Cuddle up make a blanket/pillow fort and watch something together before bedtime. As a family and talk about your favourite parts. It could be a film or a tv show. I find that sofa cushions and bed sheets make the best forts!