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Week 4 27.04.20

Friday 1st May

Hello year two!

Here are your last set of challenges before the weekend. We can’t wait to see your photos to show us how you’ve got on.



Practice this week’s spellings by writing each of them in CAPITAL LETTERS then complete your spelling test on this week’s spellings (dated 24.04.20 – suffix ‘ment’).



Write a letter to someone you miss. This might be someone in your family who you haven’t seen for a while or a friend who you miss. Tell them some of the things you have been doing since school has closed. Remember to ask them some questions about what they have been doing, using a question mark at the end of the sentence. Can you remember how to start and finish a letter? Ask an adult to help you write the address on the envelope ready to send. If it is a friend from school and you don’t know the address, then send it to school and we will make sure it gets to them.



Can you use objects in the house to practice your doubling? For example, you could use spoons to represent the tens and pieces of pasta to represent the ones.

So 42 would look like the picture below. You could then count the objects twice to double them or make the same number again.

Make sure you are confident with all of your doubles up to double 20 first of all, then try larger numbers up to 100.




One of the trickiest things we have to learn in year two are the names of the seven continents and five oceans. Can you listen to the songs we used in class and see how many you can remember? Perhaps you might have an atlas or globe at home which you could use to find them or even Google Earth if you have access it.

Review the continents song on:

Learn the 5 oceans song:

Remember, both of these songs are on you tube so you must watch them with an adult as we cannot control the adverts on them.



Can you make the alphabet in capital letters using your body? Look at the picture for some examples. Try making the whole alphabet first then perhaps you could spell out some words using your body for someone else to guess?


Have a great weekend. Stay safe and we will be in touch with your next set of challenges on Monday.

Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Burton and Mrs Midgley


Added Wednesday 29th April


Hello the amazing children of Year 2! We hope you are all staying safe! Here are today’s challenges for you!




Pick your favourite episode of your favourite TV programmes and write a recount of what happens. If you want to challenge your family – or me! – don’t include the title of the TV programme and get them to guess what it is from.




Read a page (or more!) of a book that you are reading and write down the amount of times you see a word that contains the sound ‘ir’ and the sound ‘ay.’ Which sound is included more? Try the same on another page, is the same sound included more?




Odd and even activity – separate two areas and label one of them even and one of them odd. Go round your house or garden and find things to put in the even area and the odd area. For example a pair of socks would be 2 socks so it would be even and one apple would be odd.




At the end of most days in school I got to see your brilliant dances and songs that you wanted to show and tell and I’m missing them!! If you can, get an adult to record you doing a dance, singing a song or just telling me something that you want to share!




Create some milk art!

You will need:

A bowl, 100ml of milk, some food colouring, a small amount of washing up liquid and a cotton bud.



1. Pour the milk into the bowl. Be careful not to move the bowl, you want the milk as still as possible.

2. Put one drop of each colour in different places in the milk.

3. Put just a tiny amount of washing up liquid on the end of the cotton bud, then touch it to one of the colours. WOW!


How it works:

Milk has fat in it and the food colouring floats on top of the fat. The fat is all connected with bonds. Think of it like the little pieces of fat all holding hands with each other. Washing up liquid is used on greasy or oily dishes because it breaks the bonds in fats allowing them to separate. When you add the washing up liquid to the milk, the fat separates and moves making your magical milk art!


We hope you have a fantastic day! From Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Midgley and Mrs Burton.

Added Monday 27/04/20


Hello again, Year 2! Your posts will be here on Facebook on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. See if you can rise to any of the challenges given today-


English- Revise your spellings available on the school website.

Then, if you have access to a computer and keyboard, or a similar device where you can enter text (eg a tablet) can you practice writing the words using a keyboard as well as your skills in handwritten spelling? How quick can you get at finding the letters on a Qwerty keyboard?

Maths- (See picture) I have a red, yellow and blue t-shirt. I have a green pair of trousers and a black pair of trousers. I have a pair of orange shoes and a pair of purple shoes. How many different outfit combinations can I have altogether? For instance one outfit could be a red t- shirt with green trousers and purple shoes. How could you work out and present your findings to check you don’t make mistakes? Challenge- add additional clothing items and see if you can challenge your parents to work out the different outfit combinations!
Phonics- (See picture) Please check out the words added in the picture. They are year two common exception words. How many can you read? Then, how many can you write/spell independently? A trickier job!
Creative- ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ is a story Year 2 read. Can you design a dragon a little habitat? This could be in a shoebox, cereal box or similar. Can it have somewhere to sleep? Eat? Play? You could draw in the items, or, use other craft items to construct areas and items.
PE- Another challenge based on your name! See the picture to spell out your PE challenges and choose a level! How active can you be?
We look forward to hearing from you.