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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Extracurricular activities at HCPS




Following the disruption of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are pleased to be gradually and safely reintroducing extracurricular clubs again at HCPS.


Clubs change regularly and/or swap to different year groups where applicable.  Please contact the school office for more information about current clubs in your child's year group. Alternatively, look out for the letters that come home with your child when new half term club timetables are produced.






What's been going on?



In 2022 so far we have offered-


  • Doodle Club (With local artist Charlotte Eldred)
  • Film Club
  • Craft Clubs 
  • Sketching Club
  • Clubbercise- exercise/dance Club
  • Yoga Club (With local Yoga teacher Amy Quick of Yogi Club-Yoga for Kids)
  • Hockey Club
  • Musical Theatre club (The Lion King)
  • Cricket Club (With John Savage)
  • French Club (With Kidslingo)
  • Tigers Trust Football Club (Tigers Trust)
  • Dance Battle clubs
  • Netball club
  • Band club
  • Car and track club
  • Arty club
  • Little Scribblers club
  • Funky Fashion club
  • Running clubs
  • Shakespeare club
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club
  • Wellbeing club/activities
  • Pokemon enthusiasts club!


Thank you to all of the children who have given something a try so far! 









Bottle rockets and coke and mentos explosions at STEM club!

Making solar ovens at STEM club

Other information-


Kidslingo French Club takes place after school on Monday.  Information about their latest courses can be found by contacting-   Telephone: 07890 663970 / Email: / Info: / Sign-Up: 



Fantastic football clubs are also available at our local Hornsea 3G pitch.  Contact Tom Connor on 07557 919923 / Email: / Info and sign up at