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Week beginning 08/06/20

Happy Friday to the awesome Year 6!
I hope that you have had an amazing week and are ready for a great weekend?
These are your final challenges for this week so enjoy and have fun. Don't forget that your spelling test is on Kahootit so good luck with Hornsea Field Hornsea Reed and Hornsea Parcell
Inspirational women
1. Jane Goodall, a strong woman with a passion for science, conservation and chimpanzees. Dame Jane Morris Goodall DBE , formerly Baroness Jane van Lawick-Goodall, is an English primatologist and anthropologist. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best known for her 60-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees since she first went to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania in 1960.
Can you create a fact file on this inspirational woman? Follow the link below for some interesting facts and quotes. You can also complete a word search or make a monkey bookmark enjoy!
RSPCA Virtual fun day
2. Join us on June 14 for Virtual One Fun Day - an event for you and your pets to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.
On Sunday 14 June join us from 10am for a day of animal focused fun. A range of interactive animal-themed activities will be beamed in to your home including arts and crafts, entertainment and education. Follow the link to enjoy the day!
3. Origami
I have added 3 for you to complete so decide which one that you would like to try? Remember adults that you will need to skip the ads!
1- Challenge A fish-
2-Tricky A Rabbit
3- Very tricky A Sea Turtle-
4. Create Your Own Recipe Book
You'll need: a few sheets of paper, coloured pens and a stapler
Think about your favourite meals and snacks and write down the recipes for them and if you're feeling imaginative, make up your own, add the recipes that I have posted as your face book challenges. Don't forget to design the cover too!
5. Wayne Barrows signing How far I’ll go from Moana such a talent. Why don’t you join in? This is one of my favourite films. I would love to see how you get on with this!
Don’t forget to get an adult to test you on your spellings or Kahoot it! Join at or with the Kahoot! appwith Game PIN:1962959
Have a good weekend Hornsea Simmonite


Happy Wednesday to the incredible Year 6

Where has the sunshine gone? Here are your next set of challenges. You will notice that it is Nationla ice tea day today and so adults one of our challenges involves using  a kettle to boil water that you may need to help with?

Have fun and post how you get on our face book page

June 9th was National Donald Duck Day

1. Can you follow the link and become an animation artist today!

Remember adults that there will be adverts at the beginning of this clip that you will need to skip!

Then why don’t you create your own comic book or draw another character maybe Minnie or Micky mouse!

 June 10th National Iced Tea Day Nice for a sunny day drink!

2. Why don’t you make this for your grown-ups to go with the lovely scones that you made on Monday?

1 Step Refrigerator Tea

4 tea bags

4 cups water

Make a cup of tea without any milk or sugar Ask an adult to help with boiling the kettle.

 Then get creative-You can make it fruity by adding fruit flavoured teabags or add fruits such as orange, lemon or mint even honey.

If you don’t want to try this then make your own lemonade

You will need:

1 1/4 cups sugar (granulated)

6 cups water (cold, divided)

5 to 8 lemons

Then follow the link

June 11th is King Kamehameha Day

King Kamehameha Day, a pretty big deal in Hawaii and celebrates the accomplishments of “Kamehameha the Great.” He’s credited with uniting the Hawaiian Islands in 1810.  A highly revered leader, Kamehameha is honoured each year with numerous celebrations across the islands.  Downtown Honolulu hosts one such celebration, where hundreds of leis, at least 30 feet long, are draped over the 15-foot statue of the celebrated ruler.  Other celebrations include parades, a plethora of floral arrangements and, of course, the traditional Hawaiian hula.

3. Why don’t you carry out research on this important king you could create a power point or learn how to hula by following the link below or make a garland to celebrate? Hula dancing

How to make a Hawaiian garland

This looks fun you could use coloured tissue paper If you like-Make sure you let this dry before wearing!

4. Kahoot time!

Follow the link to complete a quiz on climate change good Luck! Or visit with the Gamepin: 02265882

5. I have added fun Summer maths and English activity books for you to complete along with your Maths no problem and English tasks choose one of these booklets to get started on!


Happy Monday to the outstanding  incredible Year 6

I hope that you have had an amazing weekend despite the rain. Looks like I made a mistake last week and we celebrated World Ocean day a week early! Well I think it’s better to celebrate an important day twice than not at all. Let’s have some fun! 

1 .World Ocean day activity Create an amazing picture to create an Ocean Day jigsaw.  Make Your Own Jigsaw

You'll need: a finished picture you created or a picture from a magazine or if you have access to a printer one from the internet, cardboard and scissors

Take a finished picture or a cool page from a magazine and stick onto a sheet of cardboard (cereal boxes work well). From here, cut up the image to make your own jigsaw. Try cutting it into smaller pieces to make it more difficult!

2. This week our recipe is to make yummy cheese scones which I love. If you’re not keen on the savoury scones can you make a sweet one (chocolate, cherry, any dried fruit?) Be imaginative and please add your ideas to our face book page so we can all have a go. Why don’t you create your own recipe book and take pictures to add to this?. You could also write a report as if you are a food critic

Follow the link for my cheese scones.

3. Play Mini Ice Hockey-This is a great game I used to play with my son

You'll need: a baking tray, water, post-it notes, spoons and a button or bottle lid

Freeze a layer of water in a baking tray to create your ice rink and stick a post-it note at either end of the tray to mark the goals. Use spoons as your hockey sticks and try to hit your button/lid puck against the post-it note on the other side of the tray.

4. Storm In A Jar Experiment in honour of the rain

You'll need: a large glass jar, shaving foam, pipette or eye dropper, food colouring, 1 or more small cups

Mix up some food colouring with water in your small cup(s) - create as many cups of coloured water as you'd like. Fill the large jar about 3/4 full with water. Right before you're about to do the experiment, top the jar with shaving cream until it's just above the rim - this will be your cloud. From there, keep dropping coloured water on top of the shaving cream and keep an eye on what's happening below. When the shaving cream cloud gets too heavy, the colours will start to seep through like rain, just like what happens with real clouds!

I have seen lots of different types of clouds Cirrus, Cumulus, Cumulus Congestus and Cumulonimbus can you find the names of anymore? Why are clouds different shapes and sizes? Can you research these and how a cloud is formed? You can create a fact file, art work or why don’t you film yourself delivering a weather report for your teacher!

5. Learn Classic Card Games

You'll need: a deck of cards

Adults can use this time to teach t classic card games like Solitaire or Rummy. Card games have been a rainy day staple for generations and now feels like the perfect time to pass onto our younger generation. If you need a little reminder follow the link below