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12. 05. 20

If you’re looking for something to do . . . Ladybird potato stamps 🐞


Step 1 - Cut a potato in half and poke a stick into the rounded side – this will be the stamp handle to make it easier to hold when the potato stamp gets slippery.

Step 2 - Help your child dip the potato in red paint and stamp it onto the paper.

Step 3 - Leave them to dry.

Step 4 - Paint a black line down the middle of the red splodge and add a black head at one end.

Step 5 - To add spots, dip your child’s finger in the black paint and dab some dots on the body.

Step 6 - Add two eyes to the head.

Step 7 - You could make lots of different ladybirds and turn them into handmade cards for family and friends.


🐞Look out for ladybirds in your garden. Keep your eyes peeled for their bright, shiny bodies. How many spots can you count?🐞