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Week Beginning 29/06/20

Fun Friday to the fantastic Year 5

Friday riddle time

If you drop me I’m sure to crack, but smile at me and I’m bound to smile back.

Why did Peter Pan fly and never stop?

What has a tongue but can’t speak?

  1. As it is our virtual sports day can you complete one of the challenges?

Bottle flip

 You will need a plastic bottle and a small amount of water. 2. You have 1 minute to complete as many successful bottle flips as you can. 3. You will need to record the total number of successful bottle flips you achieve in 1 minute. Once you have completed a challenge, head to to submit your score (in seconds or cm if it is a time or measurement challenge).

2.Complete your spelling test on Kahootit  game pin 09956564

Or follow the link

3.Sports day challenge Sock throw challenge 1. For this challenge you need a tape measure to measure out 4m. If you don’t have a tape measure just use 4 large strides to roughly measure 4 meters. 2. Create a start line at one end, measure out 4m then place a bucket or washing up bowl at the other end. 3. Your challenge is to stand at the start line and see how many times out of 20 you can throw a rolled up pair of socks and land them in your bucket. Your score will be recorded out of 20

4.I wanted to share Katy Perry’s Roar signed by Wayne Barrow the chorus is fairly easy to follow give it  ago and let me know how you get on!

Can you sign your name using BSL? Remember adults that you may need to skip the ads.

5.Find out about the Galápagos Islands including their location, environment, dramatic landscape and amazing wildlife. And then take the fun quiz or Create a postcard of the Galápagos Islands


Happy Wednesday to the Wonderful year 5

Wow can you believe that it is the 1st July

  1. As it is our virtual sports day can you complete one of the challenges?

Standing long jump-Make sure you warm up first!

 Find a tape measure and set it up anywhere in your house or garden (as seen below in the photo) 2. Create a start line. This could be a line of pegs, shoe, towel or item of clothing 3. You have three attempts to see how far you can perform a STANDING long jump then upload your best score. Once you have completed a challenge, head to to submit your score (in seconds or cm if it is a time or measurement challenge).

2.I have discovered an interesting website that celebrates the great work our farmers are doing shows you how milk gets from the cow to our doorsteps and then you can have a go at making your own butter

3.Art time  learn about how British painter L.S Lowry used daily life in Salford and Manchester to inspire his paintings, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork

Now your turn using either painting, collage, or printmaking create a work of art about where you live. Let your inspiration run wild!

4.Fun Maths follow the link and play the games practice hit the button and subtraction grid then choose ones of your own

5.I want you to research where we fit into the solar system you can do this through  a power point presentation fact file or poster or even  a song if you’re feeling musical today

Monday 29th June

I hope that you have had  a great weekend the weather has really been interesting with the sunshine one minute and then lightening the next.

Here are this weeks challenges I hope that you enjoy them.

Please remember that I have also added work to the other sections on your website page and you also have your MNP book to complete!

Friday riddle fun answers I hope you enjoyed creating your own

What can jump higher than a building? Building can’t jump

Which music do rabbits listen to at their party? Hip-Hop

What kind of room has no doors or windows? A mushroom

1.Today we are going to get musical Thank you HornseaBurton music

Write your own story inspired by a mythical creature...

You need to follow the link and then scroll down

First Learn about Mason Bates’ A Bao A Qu from his Anthology of Fantastic Zoology!

Then Join Ivan Brett as you imagines your very own mythical creature and story alongside the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Finally ask an adult to help you upload your story, artwork or book cover for a chance to feature in the Ten Pieces online showcase.

 2.HornseaWorsley has enjoyed my origami tutorials and wanted to share one of her favourites with you choose your frog below!



Remember adults you will need to skip the ads!

3.Today’s recipe is a delicious lemon drizzle cake remember to get an adult to help you with the oven

4.Kahoot it quiz today is all about Disney films Game PIN: 09511502

5.Draw a picture, paint, sew, use play dough or create your mythical creature out of recycled materials. Don’t forget to give it a name

Easy play dough recipe-