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Have a go at these outdoor maths activities, don't forget to show us your photographs on the Facebook Page!




  • Complete an outdoor scavenger hunt, what can you find? Look in 'Resources' for an example. 
  • Grab some chalk or a stone and draw a hopscotch outline, can you place the numbers 1-10 inside in the correct order? Can you make it even longer?
  • Make a numberline in your garden all the way up to 20. You could use chalk, sticks, number cards, stones, anything you can find! Once your number line is complete, can you use it to find one more and one less by hopping up and down it?
  • Add the correct amount of natural objects next to the numbers on your numberline to make it even better!
  • Look for some shapes in your garden - are they 2D or 3D?