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Added 4/6/20


During the Summer 2 half term, Year 2 planned to study a topic around Paddington Bear.


Paddington Bear first met the Brown family at a railway station - Paddington station, in fact.

He had travelled all the way from Darkest Peru with only a jar of marmalade, a suitcase and a label reading 'Please look after this bear'. Without further ado, Mr and Mrs Brown promptly welcomed the adventurous bear into their family, and in honour of their meeting place they named him Paddington.

The Browns soon discover that Paddington is a most unusual bear. Ordinary things - like having a bath - become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is around.


  • Read or watch the story and turn it into a playscript. Could you perform your play to a small family audience in your house?
  • Rewrite the story in the form of a diary entry from Paddington's point of view.
  • Can you write a new story about a stowaway?
  • Write a new version of the story in which Mr. and Mrs. Brown didn't see Paddington. Who might have found him instead?
  • Paddington says that things are always happening to him. Can you write about an exciting adventure that he might have had?
  • Write a guide to help people explaining how to look after Paddington.


  • Plan a healthy meal for Paddington to eat after his long journey. When Paddington has a bath, there is steam on the bathroom mirror. Where does steam come from? What is it?


  • Use a drawing program to make your own picture of Paddington.

Design Technology

  • Design some new clothes for Paddington to wear.


  • Make a new label for Paddington. What information could it tell people about him? What will your label look like? Shape, size etc.


  • Can you find Paddington station on a map? How far is it from where you live?
  • Are there any other place names that would make a good name for a bear or another animal?
  • Can you find Peru on a map? Could you plot (simply) Paddington's journey from Peru to where he was found by the Brown family?


  • Can you find out about the history of Teddy Bears? 



It’s always important to keep ourselves healthy. Your challenge is to research the different food groups. What should a balanced diet include? What should we have more/less of?


Present your findings however you wish. This could be a poster, PowerPoint or written booklet for example. Or, as one of the Facebook tasks suggests, perhaps use a paper plate to show a balanced meal. 


What vitamins or vital sources do certain food groups provide? 

Use the Internet to research only with an adult. 

Summer 1-


This half term, Year 2 were going to learn more about Florence Nightingale at school. 

Your challenge is to research this lady at home.  Find out who she was, when she lived and why she was special.  You could present this information however you like!  Ideas include-


Written fact page

Cut and stick images and information

A PowerPoint presentation

A poster

A booklet


Let's see what you can find out!  Please make sure if you research on the Internet, an adult is with you.  


Science from Home


The document below provides a number of opportunities for exploring the world through science, which we encourage you to have a go at whilst learning at home. 


Please keep in mind the current government recommendations when looking at any suggestions and the links. This resource comes with the strong caveat not to go for a walk, to stay home and stay safe, to regard health and safety and supervise the children during any science activity.

Year 2 have done many tasks about plants, growing and living things this half term. Have a look at some of these fantastic and simple growing ideas for home!



This half term Year 2 have read (or are close to finishing) the story 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'. This has linked to Literacy work but also topic work.  If you wish to continue reading from this series, 'The Boy Who Lived With Dragons' is the next story, available from places such as Amazon.