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YOU said . . . WE did!



YOU said . . . We had a very mixed response regarding our current homework format. Many parents stated that they enjoy doing the termly projects with the children but other parents wanted English and Maths homework for their children.


WE did . . . As a result of our findings we have decided to make the half termly homework projects optional and offer 1 piece of maths homework and 1 piece of english available as 'extra' homework if the children want to do it - either in a classroom homework tray or via the website - this will be for parents to do alongside their children as enrichment and will not be expected to be returned to school. 


The Maths Whizz website is also used for Maths homework. Children are encouraged to complete 1 hour per week on this website which is tailored to the children and works at their own speed and challenge. 


Out of School Club


YOU said . . . In Spring Term 2016 we started our Rise & Shine breakfast club here at School. Many parents took advantage of this service and said their children enjoyed coming. Several of the parents whose children attending Breakfast Club asked if we could facilitate an After School Club.


WE did . . . After a short while it became clear that our Rise & Shine Breakfast club was a hit as the amount of children attending increased term on term, it became apparent that more and more parents where look for an After School club service.  We decided to trial a Stay & Play after school club. We are pleased that both Rise & Shine club and Stay & Play club are on offer to the children at our school to make the school run that little bit easier. 


Electronic updates


YOU said . . . "It would be useful to have a reminder sent via email for key events in the school calendar i.e fancy dress days "


We did . . . A text message and email service has now been set up, most parents in the school are now registered on our text/mail list.


Parents Evening Appointments


YOU said . . . "Is it possible to choose our own parents evening appointments - I can never make the time I'm given; it would be much easier if we chose time slots"


We did . . . We have just, this term, launched an online parents evening system allowing parents to book their own appointment via the email/text message link. 




YOU said . . . "It is inconvenient to have to come into the office to pay for school dinners, it would be much easier to pay over the phone or online "


We did . . . Payments can now be made online via Agora (details on the website) for school meals and school trips. 




YOU said . . . " I would like to know when my child has a warning, is that possible? "


We did . . . Warning slips are now used throughout the school; these highlight the reason for the child's warning and who it was given by. These are sent home with the child at the end of the day.