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Hers's another new phonics sound to keep you busy this week...



  • Can you ask a grown up to hide some 'ear' words on little pieces of paper around your kitchen, how many can you find? Some sneaky grown ups might even write some silly 'ear' words and then you could sort them into real and silly. 
  • Ask a grown up to open up your kitchen window, it's a lovely sunny day today so it shouldn't be too chilly! Get your listening ears ready, what can you hear through the window? Write down or draw pictures of the things you could hear. Don't cheat by opening your eyes! Just your ears.



This week's new phonics sound is.....




  • Can you make some fairy cakes?
  • When we have two of something we can call them a 'pair'. Can you find a pair of things in your kitchen?
  • Do you know what dairy foods are? Where do they come from? Maybe you could find some dairy foods in your fridge.