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Monday 1st June 2020


1. Write and draw about one day in your half term holiday. If you really want to challenge yourself then you could write about more than one day. Remember clear finger spaces and think about the sounds that you can hear for those difficult words. 


2. Think back over the last 10 weeks . What has been the best thing about being at home with your family? Draw, write or record your answer. 


3. Ask a grown-up to write the numbers from 0-20 on small flashcards. Mix them up and now order them correctly starting with 0. Next, see if you can still order the numbers when some are missing. Perhaps even have a go at ordering the numbers from largest to smallest. 


4. Phonics - Today we would like you to recap the 'f' sound. You could go on a sound hunt, make a list of words both real and nonsense,  write sentences using the words fun, fast and flop. 


5. Using the site Choose a story that is right for you.  Your grown-up will need to register on the site if you haven't used it before. There are lots of ebooks for you to read and some will look very familiar!




Wednesday 3rd June

1. Phonics - Today the sound is 'th' one which we have done before but it can be a bit tricky to say and remember. Ask a grown -up to write you some flashcards that have 'th' words on them. They will need to write the same word on two different flashcards. Once complete, you could either play matching pairs or snap. Remember to blend the sounds to check whether you have a matching pair. 

Some word suggestions are - thin, thick, path, moth, three, cloth. 


2. Maths - On Monday you might have had a go at ordering your numbers from 0-20. You will need your flashcards again today but this time put them face down in a pile. Next, turn over the top card. What number is it? Now say the number that is one more than your number. Repeat the activity with the remaining flashcards. 


3. Mark making, letter formation or sentence writing - Choose one of the activities below and remember to always challenge yourself!

- Using colouring pencils or felt tips make zig zag lines on your paper. Can you make small zig zags and big zig zags?

- Choose 3 cursive letters that you find tricky. See if you can have a go at forming them correctly. Perhaps form each one 10 times. 

- Using the words from your phonics game, write each word in a sentence. Remember finger spaces, a capital letter and a full stop. 


4. Watch one or more of the following links -


5. Well - being Wednesday - Choose an activity that makes you happy. This could drawing, painting, going for a walk, doing a jigsaw, watching TV, playing a game or perhaps playing football. 


Have a lovely day. 







Friday 5th June 

1. Maths - Ask a grown up to hide your number cards around the room. Next, see if you can find a number card. Say the number on the card. Now say the number that is 1 less than the number on your card. Continue with the same activity until all of your cards have been found. 


2. Phonics  - The sound today is 'qu'. Read and write the words quiz, quit and queen. 

Can you draw a picture of a queen?

Perhaps write 3 quiz questions for your family. 


3. Football - Go outside and practice your football skills. Think about what Coach Nathan and Coach Charlotte taught you in your PE lessons. Can you stop the ball by putting your foot on top of the ball? Can you dribble the ball whilst moving in different directions?


4. At the weekend, Mrs Foster and her family are getting a pet fish (or perhaps two or three!) If you have a pet fish, can you tell Mrs Foster what she will need to do to look after them?


5. Fun Friday - Play your favourite song and have a good sing and dance. We would love to see your videos if you are feeling confident!