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Summer Mini Beasts, Plants and Colours

In the Creative Folder this week, there is an image of a work by Henri Matisse called "The Snail".  There is also a link to a lesson by the Tate Art Gallery in London, for you to create your very own collage, inspired by  Matisse's "The Snail".


Below is a link, which you may wish to explore.  It is to  a story entitled  "Matisse's Magical Trail".  It is a story inspired by Matisse's artwork and is about a very colourful snail called Matisse".

Please listen to the story, and let me know whether or not, you enjoyed it and give your reasons why; using the wonderful word because...  

For example I really enjoyed the story of "Matisse's Magical Trail" because .....

I did not enjoy the story of "Matisse's Magical Trail" because ..........


The second task is a to carry out some research into your favourite Mini Beast and to find out at least 3 different facts about it.  You may choose to use a non fiction book or you may, with your adult, like to explore the site, linked below.