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08/06/20 Summer - Weather and Clothing

Good Morning RCF and RHG.  I hope that you are all well and wide

awake and up for a challenge!

I, (Mrs Bottery), shall be setting your 5 Challenges, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, over the coming weeks.

I shall also be adding activities, web addresses and other resources to the folders on the EYFS Home Learning Page, on the school website; so please have a browse and learn lots more!

Our learning lens over the coming weeks, is the season of Summer.  We shall begin by focusing on the Weather and Clothing.

1. Phonics.  The 3 sounds this week are  ai    oa    igh


Can you fill in the missing sounds to make my sentence, make sense.

If you go out in the r__n, you will need to put on a c__t and fasten

it t___t.

Now draw a picture to match the sentence. Do you like being out in that kind of weather?  What might you wear on your feet?  Draw them in your picture and label them.


2 Maths.  Do you know what these signs mean +  -  = and can you use them correctly?  Today we shall look at just + =

Take 2 small pieces of card and write + on one and = on the other.

Now get 10 small things.  (Pennies, counters, dinosaurs, beads, or lego, for example).  Check by touching and counting, that you have 10.

Now put them together in a pile. Close your eyes and separate them into 2 groups. Open your eyes and put the card with the + on, in between the 2 groups.  Put the = at the end, on the right hand side.

Now count how many are in the first group and write the number on a piece of paper and put it underneath the group that you have counted.  Then count the items in the other group, and also  put the number on a piece of paper underneath.  

Next put up the number of fingers for the number of items, in the first group.  (The number of fingers still down should match the number underneath the second group).

As you stand your fingers up, carry on counting.  This is called counting on.  Write the number AFTER the = sign.  Read your completed number sentence.  Take a picture and please show us, we can't wait to see just what a Maths Magician you are!


3  What is a weather forecast?  Watch one and explain it to me on a video.  On the map is Hornsea in the North, the East, the South or the West of the country?


4 Make a weather chart for the week.  Your chart will need to include the 7 days of the week, beginning with Monday.  You will also have to design your own weather symbols.  (Small pictures which show what the weather has been like - eg sunny, cloudy, windy, raining etc). At the end of the week, count up how many sunny days we have had.


5.  Learn this poem and perform it.  It is to the tune of 3 Blind Mice.

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain,

Dribble, dribble, sploosh!

Dribble, dribble, sploosh!

Grab your boots, your coat, your hat,

Jump in a puddle and go kersplat!

Stomp about and become a drowned rat!

Rain, rain, rain.

Rain, rain, rain.

We would love to see your performance, be expressive!






Wednesday 10.06.20

EYFS Challenges RCF and RHG Summer Weather and Clothing


Good Morning Children

Did you enjoy the sunshine yesterday; I was very pleased on Monday evening when I watched the forecast and the Weather Person said that our part of the country was going to enjoy sunshine on Tuesday.  Have you managed to watch a weather forecast yet?

1.  Theme - When you have watched a weather forecast, can you role play being a weather forecaster for Thursday's weather?

5 Mrs Bottery Stars for anyone who can find out what the study of the weather is called.  Please post your answers on here.  I will double the 5, if you are the first to post.


2.  Phonics - Tricky Words Practice.  Tricky words are those in which, not all the sound buttons work.  So, what you have to do, is to look at them and say them.  If you do it often enough, you will train your brain to know them, as soon as you see them.

Here are some tricky words to play a memory game with.

the  no  go  I  he  she   we  to  my  was  are  they  my  you


Choose how many trick words you want to use in your game.  Write each one twice on 2 separate pieces of card.  Turn over and spread the cards on the table or the floor.  Turn one card over and look at it.  See if you can read it, remember it does NOT sound out.  If you can read it, say each LETTER name, (not sound).  Then turn another card over, is it a pair?  If not turn both cards back over and try again.  When you get a matching pair, you can keep them.  Can you use that word in a sentence?

Listen to the tricky words songs Phase 2 and 3 on you tube, if you are not sure of the words or the letter names.


3. Number Crunch - Double Trouble.

Do you know your doubles to 10? to 20? to 30?.  Can you say them?  Can you write them as number sentences using + and =? Eg 1+1=2  2+2=4 and so on.  These are very important facts to learn.


4.  Can you make a weather symbol for sunshine and decorate it how you choose to.  Next, can you write words to describe the sun/sunshine on your sun.  Describing words are called adjectives.  Adjectives tell us the colour, the size, the shape of something and other things.  How many adjectives can you think of and write down on your sun?  Try to think of 5 or more.


5.  Well-Being Wednesday - Explore Cosmic Kids Yoga and Stories with your adult.  Choose a story and join in with the yoga.  Please let us know which story you explore and would you recommend it?  How many stars out of 10 do you give it?


Friday Challenges 12.06.20

Happy Friday Children in RCF and RHG.

Thank you for all of your wonderful work this week, you have all been Summer Superstars!

Here are some more things to keep you learning.


1. Choose one of the digraphs or the trigraph that we have been learning this week, (ai  oa   igh) and make the longest word list containing that sound, that you can.  I wonder who will post the longest list by 3pm this afternoon?


2. Adding Doubles - Fun Math Song For Kids by Jack Hartmann.  Listen to the song and sing along.  Then ask your adult to ask you some quick fire questions and see what you can recall.


3.  Write out your family poem about what Summer sounds like, feels lik, tastes like and looks like and perform it, with visual aids and sound effects, if you wish.  (This task can be found on Home Learning Section on new website EYFS, Literacy Folder).


4  Put on your favourite Summer outfit and make up a dance routine to the song "Walking on Sunshine".  (Walking on Sunshine with lyrics Katrina & The Waves).


5 Check the weather forecast for when will be a good day to fly your Matiriki Kite or put up your windsock.  (Both available on EYFS Home Learning Page, in the Creative Folder).  No one has yet gained the 10 Mrs Bottery stars for posting the answer what is Matariki?  Could it be you?


Well done to Phoebe.  She gained the 10 stars for finding out that the study of the weather is called Meteorology.  


Next week we will focus our learning lens onto Summer Activities and Sun Safety.


Have a super weekend everyone; the weather forecast is looking pretty good.  Let's hope that it is accurate.