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Summer 2 Week 7

The last week of English comes in the form of an activity booklet.  Don't worry the answers are provided too.  There is also English in the Home Learning Folder,for this week , on the school website.  Don't feel that you have to print any of it  out.  Just write the answers in your Home Learning Book. Well done for all your work over the last sixteen weeks.

Writing tasks Summer 2 Week 6  06.07.20

 Learn at Home: Year 4, Week 6  06.07.20

Summary of content

Day 1 Read biography of Edward Lear. Read a classic poem: ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. Do some imaginative writing.    

Day 2 Read another version of the same poem. Explore vocabulary. Make predictions. Plan own poem.

Day 3 – Read another poem by the same poet, ‘The Quangle Wangle’s Hat’. Practise expanded noun-phrases. Write descriptively.     

Day 4 – Read another classic poem by the same poet, ‘The Pobble Who Has No Toes’. Write a recount. Use best handwriting to produce a final copy.

Day 5 – Read limericks. Learn some poetry off-by-heart. Write own limerick.




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