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Week Beginning 22/06/20

Friday 26th June 2020

Fantastic Friday to the Fab year 6!

I hope that you have enjoyed the great weather that we have had. this week seems to have gone so quickly.

I have really enjoyed researching the last challenges of the week as they are around CHOCOLATE. I hope you enjoy these and have  a great weekend!   

1.Here is your weekly spelling test quiz have  ago and good luck! Game pin 09092315


 2.Well today has got to be one of my favourite National celebration days-National Chocolate Pudding Day            Hooray!!!!! Why don’t you check out the ones below? Chocolate pudding

Remember adults you will need to help with the hot pans!

Chocolate brownies

3.Friday riddle fun-I will share the answers on Monday.

What fruit can you never cheer up?

Where would you take a sick boat?

What did the zero say to the eight?

Now your turn to write a riddle to put a smile onto your teachers faces!

4.As it is Chocolate day you need to read Charlie and the chocolate factory and write a description about your favourite character! chapter 1 or research Roald Dhal

5.Now draw Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake who illustrated Charlie and the chocolate factory.  Remember adults you may need to skip the ads!



Year 6


Wonderful Wednesday to the awesome Year 6!

Well the amazing weather is back. I hope that you enjoying your face book challenges and here are your midweek ones

Don’t forget that you can check out the school website for more activities under each topic including French and Music which has been added by Mrs Burton.

1.Your topic for the next 2 weeks is around hopes and your vision for the future. I want you to produce a picture and write a job description of who you aspire to be. I always wanted to be a teacher so mine would be easy. If you can’t think of what you would be list your hobbies and interests at the minute and think about where this may take you. Check out these clips on teamwork

2. Have a g o at this fun kahootit maths quiz! game pin is 09783950

 3. I have been lucky enough to gain funding from yor4good to regenerate the area at the side of The Orchard Can you design a garden space that means we will be able to grow our own fruit and vegetables. I would love to use your designs in creating this area so please share! I alos made it onto the front page of Hornsea Gazzette so keep an eye out!

4. Practice this amazing card trick and amaze your family and friends. Remember adults that there will be adverts attached to this that you will need to skip.

5. As we have to wash our hands more often I thought that you would find this experiment interesting.

Mouldy bread bacteria experiment Investigate and observe how much mould and bacteria develops when happens when slices of bread are rubbed with clean hands and dirty hands. Children can set up their own investigation and make sure it is a fair test and write this up in your home learning book see download for experiment or follow the link


Monday 22nd June

Happy Monday to the incredible year 6!

I hope that you have enjoyed the extra hours of daylight this weekend as This weekend it was the summer solstice which is often referred to as the longest day of the year. On this day, the number of hours of daylight is at their maximum, while the number of hours of night is at their minimum. However, while most people consider the summer solstice to be a day, it is in reality an exact moment in time that falls upon that day.

Don’t forget to check out the work that I place under each subject every week and then let  your teachers know how you are getting on!

1. Why don’t you look at the wonders of our universe by doing some stargazing? There are plenty of apps to help you identify stars, planets, moons and more! I like SkyView® Lite, available on the app store and Google play. Or you could create your own star gazing book by researching the constellations? The Big Dipper

This is one of the most well-known and easiest things in the sky to spot.  It is actually part of a larger constellation, Ursa Major (the Great Bear).  Once you can find it, you can find the Little Dipper which is also part of a larger constellation, Ursa Minor (the Little Bear).  The Big Dipper is used often to find the North Star, making it useful for directions.

2. I feel that you have been working really hard to produce some amazing baking. Today’s recipe is to make a funny face pizza making the base. (Although if you wanted to you could use a pitta bread). Have fun and put a smile onto your face!

3. Check out this cool website there are competitions for you to enter, games for you to play and research for you to complete

4. Complete one of the 3 drawing projects or you could try out all 3! Train you looking, thinking and drawing skills. Get drawing and become an even better artist! file:///C:/Users/mlsim/Downloads/Year%206%20drawing%20projects.pdf

5. If you want to get active inside then have ago at table golf.

If you can get outside have a go at ball reactions

I hope you enjoy these challenges Mrs Simmonite