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Year 4

The children's steady hand games!

4IB had a great time starting their steady hand game in DT!

Year 4 made Christingles this afternoon with Rev Tina

Matching card game with the 11 times table in Mrs Burton's Maths group

Counting and partitioning hundredths in Mrs Burton's Maths group

4IB loved playing homophone charades this morning!

Maths Day Fun!

4IB investigated switches in Science this afternoon!

Governor Visit to 4SB

4IB did role play during Jigsaw today!

4IB looked at circuit components and their symbols!

4IB had a brilliant day at Magna today!!!

4IB made light up pictures using electrical circuits!

4IB enjoyed debating whether Athens or Sparta was better!

4LM - In our Jigsaw lessons, we have been learning about strategies to deal with disappointment. We spent our time in Woodland World role-playing scenarios and strategies we would use to overcome disappointment.

4LM enjoyed learning about the story of Medusa during our Ancient Greek History topic and loved making their very own Medusa mask.

Year 4 had an exciting first day back after the Christmas holidays focussing on our new topic, 'The Ancient Greeks.' The children played Ancient Greek games and compared them to games in modern times and learnt about the myth 'Medusa.' They retold the story through drama and made Medusa masks!

Theseus and the Minotaur Role-play Y4